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Wallpaper For Stairway

Wallpaper For Stairway Blog

If you are looking for ideas, how to give the plain and dull looking stairs some new fresh look with some pop of color and pattern for the new season, this blog post will be just for you. Wallpaper for the stairs can give that added eye-catching detail and new modern wallpapered stairway and wallpaper entryway style you might be looking for. In this blog post we will go through different stairway design ideas with wallpaper to inspire from.

 Black And White Stairwell Chic

Classic Houndstooth Removable Wallpaper Stairwell

If you love a black and white stairwell wallpaper look and are interested in fashion - designer wallpaper, this Classic Houndstooth Removable Wallpaper from the Modern Victorian Collection wallpapered stairwell style could be just for you, to give that modern and eye-catching stair design. To see more beautiful black and white wallpaper for stairwell, visit our Black And White Wallpaper collection.


Blooming Staircase Look

Delicate Floral Design Removable Wallpaper Staircase

If, however, you are looking for floral staircase wallpaper ideas, the above seen Etsy client staircase project can be a gorgeous example to inspire from. In the photo above we can see the staircase wallpaper - Delicate Floral Design Removable Wallpaper from the Floral & Botanical Kids Wallpaper collection that can not only be a beautiful blooming wallpaper for staircase wall but give your home entrance wall design a gorgeous and welcoming look as well. Visit our Entryway Wallpaper collection for more wallpaper designs to find your perfect staircase look.


Eclectic Stairs Wall Style

Lavender Checkerboards Design Removable Wallpaper

In the photo above we can see the dazzling, colorful wallpapered staircase and entryway by Poppy, where she has used the Lavender Checkerboards Design Removable Wallpaper from the Danish Pastels Collection to add some more pattern and color to the fun eclectic interior style. If you love a daring interior look with wallpaper, visit the Entryway Wallpaper collection for more wallpaper for stairs wall styles and ideas for hallway wallpaper to inspire from.


Vintage Stairs With Wallpaper

Vintage Peony Print Removable Wallpaper Stairs

For a vintage style wallpaper for stairs wall look inspiration, above we can see the modern board and batten interior entryway project by Rosana, where she has used wallpaper for entryway and given the stairs wall a floral detail with the Vintage Peony Print Removable Wallpaper from the Entryway Wallpaper collection. We love how the Christmas decorations, the interior decor and the vintage floral wallpaper together create a warm and welcoming atmosphere in the home entryway for the upcoming holidays.


Eye-Catching Wallpapered Stairs

Pastel Pink Speckle Removable Wallpaper Stairs

For a unique wallpaper for stairs ideas and leftover wallpaper DIY ideas, above we can see how Erika has created a wow-factor pink wallpaper stairs look with the Pastel Pink Speckle Removable Wallpaper from the Dot Wallpaper collection. The dotted pink wallpaper gives each step a cute and bright look, adding an eye-catching and colorful detail to the whole interior and completely changing the stairs style.


Modern Stairway Wallpaper

Modern Delicate Herringbone Removable Wallpaper Stair Design

For modern and elegant stairway wallpaper ideas and board and batten accent wall ideas with some pop of color, JLV Creative have definitely created a gorgeous staircase with wallpaper project to inspire from as seen above. By wallpapering hallway stairs with the Modern Delicate Herringbone Removable Wallpaper from the Entryway Wallpaper collection and creating a cozy kids reading nook with an eye-catching board and batten wall and the Cube Design Removable Wallpaper from the Entryway Wallpaper collection, they have given the stairway a fresh and chic design as well as used the space wisely to create a fun kids zone for play and studying.


Elegant Stripes Stairs Wallpaper

Minimal Linen Lines Removable Wallpaper

In the photo above we can see an elegant and welcoming board and batten with wallpaper entryway look by Suzy. To create a simple yet noticeable board and batten accent wall with wallpaper, Suzy has used the Minimal Linen Lines Removable Wallpaper from the Entryway Wallpaper collection, giving an elegant wallpaper for stairway look as well. For more foyer wallpaper ideas and entryway wallpaper ideas, visit our Entryway Wallpaper collection and find your perfect wallpaper design. 


Neutral Chic Stairs Wall Design

Neutral Color London Metro Lines Removable Wallpaper

If you love a neutral style wallpapered staircase walls look and are looking for a warm and homey wallpaper for hallway and wallpapered hallway ideas, you might love the stair wall design project as seen above. In the photo above we can see the foyer entryway wallpaper - Neutral Color London Metro Lines Removable Wallpaper from the Entryway Wallpaper collection giving the stairs wall an elegant and stylish design that brings more light in the interior and compliments the chosen interior color palette. If wallpaper for halls and staircases are what you are interested in and you need more fun best wallpaper accent wall ideas, head over to our Bestsellers collection and get inspired!

 We hope this blog post will give you inspiration to give your stairway a new and modern look with stairs wallpaper as well as give you hallway wallpaper ideas for a welcoming and eye-catching interior design.


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