Traditional Wallpaper

Details Of Traditional Wallpaper
We are looking to provide the best possible experience for our clients, therefore we have chosen non-woven fleece material as our traditional wallpaper. This type of wallpaper is widely used by professional wallpaper installers and is installed using wallpaper paste/glue. Though it is a popular choice for first time wallpapering projects too, as glue has to be applied on the wall and not on the wallpaper, which makes the installation process much easier allowing to slide the wallpaper in position before the glue sets. Despite the fact that this wallpaper is installed with glue, our traditional wallpaper panels are also removable in one piece, which means it will not cause you any headaches when it's time to remove it. Lastly, because of the non-woven material technology, this wallpaper material is not affected by temperature and humidity changes. Unlike paper and vinyl wallpapers, which usually expand and contract when the room get's too humid or hot/cold, non-woven fleece material does not change it's shape and dimensions. 
The most important details of our traditional wallpaper:
  • PVC and vinyl-free, non-woven wallpaper with smooth matte finish, printed with GreenGuard Gold certified inks 
  • Water-resistant, gently cleanable with damp cloth or soft sponge
  • Installed using wallpaper paste/glue (we suggest using Roman PRO line wallpaper adhesives)
  • Suitable for use in commercial interiors (Euro Class B/Class 0 fire rating)
  • Panels are designed to be installed side by side, without an overlap
Important note: for best results we suggest priming the walls first and let freshly painted walls dry completely for at least 3 weeks before installing the wallpaper. For more detailed information, please check Wallpaper Installation Instructions section. Please see Installation Instructions below to see if this type of wallpaper is suitable for your wallpapering project.


Available Wallpaper Panel Sizes
Available panel sizes for traditional wallpaper:

  • 25" x 96" (63.5cm x 244cm);
  • 25" x 108" (63.5cm x 275cm); 
  • 25" x 120" (63.5cm x 304cm); 
  • 25" x 144" (63.5cm x 365cm).
Because the traditional wallpaper panels are 25 inches (63.5cm) wide, the design is larger compared to the self adhesive wallpaper material. Please see image below for reference.
    Wallpaper Material Color And Texture Differences
    Our traditional wallpaper is PVC and vinyl-free and is made from non-woven fleece material, which has smooth finish. The base color* of our traditional wallpaper is slightly off-white, which makes the printed design appear warmer compared to our self adhesive wallpaper. Please see image below which illustrates the color and texture difference between these materials. *Please remember shade may vary between sample and current production
    Traditional Wallpaper Installation Instructions


    Livettes Wallpaper traditional wallpaper installation instructions


    Traditional wallpaper installation tutorial: