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3 African Inspired Room Interior Design Ideas

3 African Inspired Room Interior Design Ideas

Do you love a bold and colorful interior design with beautiful, eye-catching details and patterns? You might want to consider the daring African style to create a statement interior look that will definitely stand out. The warm, earthy color combinations with added pops of bolder color tones, natural material decor, nature inspired details and animal patterns can bring you closer with mother nature at home and create a welcoming atmosphere. In this blog post we invite you to get inspired with us through these 3 African room interiors design mood boards.

African Inspired Bathroom

If you are looking for a little mother nature inspired atmosphere with a tropical touch, then you might get some inspiration from this African inspired bathroom mood board with African wallpaper and African home decor. For this African theme bathroom interior mood board we chose the Garden Of Africa Removable Wallpaper from the Mama Africa Collection that works just as an African artwork in a bathroom interior giving that African paintings look. To create a whole African themed look, we paired the African theme wallpaper with African decorations such as African print black and white rug, wooden detailed furniture, bamboo plated laundry basket, and pops of colors and patterns in other decor and fabrics. To add a fun and eye-catching African accent, we included the giraffe safari hooks in the African style bathroom mood board. Check out the colorful and daring African inspired bathroom mood board below.

Tropical African Style Bathroom
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African Inspired Nursery

As including animal, jungle and safari themes in nursery interior design is a popular choice, African interior design can be a perfect choice for nurseries. In this African inspired nursery interior mood board we chose the African print wallpaper - Hand Drawn Safari Animals Print Wallpaper from the Mama Africa Kids Wallpaper Collection that works just as an African wall art with the hand drawn animals by Amalija Andersone. For a warm and fun nursery interior, we paired the African theme wallpaper with African furniture and African decor such as a wooden crib, and a soft chair, leopard print decor - African style black and white leopard home decor - rug, African wall decor such as this zebra wall art and other art with animals print posters, safari theme soft toy and baby mat, and sunny yellow color details in other decor. If you love the idea of incorporating printed animals in your own home, you should check out out Animal Print Wallpaper collection to find zebra print wallpaper, tiger wall art and other cute animal print designs. 

If you are loving this colorful vibe for your kid's room or nursery, most definitely visit our Colorful Kids Wallpaper collection where you will find cool colorful wallpapers and more. 

Africa Safari Themed Nursery
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African Inspired Bedroom

An African inspired bedroom design can give that wow factor look, that both creates a welcoming atmosphere, and dazzles you with all of the details from the moment of entering. To bring in some African tribal print in this bedroom mood board, we chose the tribal wallpaper - Neutral Decorative Symbols Print Wallpaper from the Mama Africa Wallpaper collection, creating a gorgeous African prints accent wall. The right bed frame is the key, and in this mood board we chose a black statement bed frame adding that luxurious look and comfort. We incorporated African print fabric details in soft and chic cushions, some African American home decor that can work great as African decor in the living room as well, such as a wooden candle holder, African theme rug, a vintage fashion book, a ceramic side table, and an Africa wall decor - organic mirror.

Bold African Style Bedroom Mood Board
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We hope this blog post showing 3 African inspired room interior design mood boards will give you inspiration on how to combine different African art decor, African rugs and African prints wallpapers to create your perfect African style interior and perhaps use some of the included African decorations for the living room interior as well. Make sure to visit our newly added Mama Africa Collection and Mama Africa Kids Wallpaper Collection for more inspiration as well as the African Style Interior Design - What To Know And How To Master It blog post for more tips on how to create an African style interior design.


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