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3 African Style Decorating Ideas

3 African Style Decorating Ideas

If we think about an African interior design, things that might pop in our head could be the beautiful African nature, the wild life, earthy colors and bold patterns. However, even this interesting, wild, full of natural elements interior style can come in different looks. Either you love a more neutral palette interior style, or bold colors and statement decor pieces, there are multiple ways to go around this gorgeous, luxurious African interior style. In this blog post we will go through 3 different African style decorating ideas to help you find the one that fits your taste the most to inspire from.

Nature Inspired

For a nature inspired African decorating style, we draw inspiration from the deserts of Africa, gorgeous African sunsets, Sahara desert plants, neutral and light colors, and contrasting tribal patterns and African prints. This can be an ideal African decorating style for those who love a minimalistic look in a neutral color palette with statement stand out African decor. Keeping the base of an interior design with Light And White Wallpaper allows to mix in eye-catching decor and pops of color without making it overwhelming. As we can see below the tribal wallpaper creates an eye-catching accent wall in the African decor living room, adding a bolder tribal pattern detail to the interior, but keeping it light and elegant.

Luxurious African Style Wallpaper

In the nature inspired African style decorating ideas mood board we chose to include our new African print wallpaper design - Neutral Decorative Symbols Print Wallpaper from the Mama Africa Collection that creates an artistic look of African paintings on the whole wall. For a whole look, we included African decoration for living room in neutral and warm colors with contrasting details, such as an African rug in animal theme pattern, African print fabric design cushions, a cozy sand color blanket, a chic gold lamp, an African tribal print table lamp and nature inspired decor as seen below in the African decorating mood board. If you would like to browse more wallpaper designs for a living room, visit our Living Room Wallpaper collection.

Nature Inspired African Style Decorating Ideas

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Embracing The Wild

African interior style can represent the wilder side of Africa with bolder color combinations and patterns as well. For us embracing the wild through interior design is by incorporating the African jungle vibe through earthy and lush colors, natural elements and greenery, African wild animal patterns and African art decor representing the mother nature of Africa. An African tapestry decor showing the wilde nature of Africa in bold colors can be a perfect addition to this African decoration style as well. 

Jungle Themed Animal Print African Style Wallpaper

To incorporate lush colors and jungle theme in this African decorating style we chose the Safari Jungle Wall Mural from the Mama Africa Wall Mural Collection, that can create a gorgeous wow factor accent wall look in any interior. We chose to combine the African wallpaper with earthy color decors such as simple, dark African style shaped vase, green duvet cover set, teak root shoulder planter, large woven pendant light and a gorgeous light entryway cabinet. To add some African accent and pop of luscious color, we added a bright pink table lamp and fun pink cushion covers and to represent the wild life, from the range of African rugs, we chose to add a statement zebra rug that compliments the whole African wild decorating style. If you would like to combine your African decor with a green or jungle themed wallpaper, and would love to view more options, visit our Green Wallpaper collection.

Embracing The Wild African Style Decorating Ideas

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Afro Chic

For us Afro chic decorating style is all about mixing colors, patterns and materials in a tasteful manner that together creates a wow factor, daring and unique interior design. Statement African furniture, African home decor, African wall decor and African print wallpaper in daring colors, patterns and shapes can create a statement look that will not stay unnoticed. Attention to details in picking the African american home decor for the African chic interior look is the key, therefore in the mood board below, we carefully selected interior decor items that together create a balanced but bold and luxurious look.

Chic African Style Inspired Wallpaper

To give an African chic interior and African wall art look with wallpaper, we chose the bold - Mama Africa Removable Wallpaper from the Mama Africa Collection that gives the daring and bright color combination for a chic African interior. In the African chic mood board we chose to incorporate colorful and eye-catching African decor such as an African abstract art rug and cushions in contrasting colors and patterns, a luxurious green statement bed frame with a soft pink linen duvet set, a unique bedside table and an organic vase. To enhance other senses in this luxurious interior style as well, we included a reed diffuser for a pleasant room scent. If you love a slightly pink interior look as in the mood board below, visit our Pink Wallpaper collection for more inspiration.

Afro Chic African Style Decorating Ideas

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We hope this blog post showing 3 different African style decorating ideas, will give you inspiration and help you find the most suitable style for you as well as help decorate the interior through African decor, furniture, wallpaper, African artwork decor and other African wall decor as seen in the mood boards above. As animal theme is very common in nursery and toddles room designs, make sure to check out our Toddler Room Wallpaper collection for more animal theme and African theme wallpaper styles. For more African style interior inspiration, visit our Mama Africa Collection and check out our African Style Interior Design - What To Know And How To Master It blog post.


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