Wallpaper Samples

Details Of Wallpaper Samples
We offer wallpaper samples for all of our wallpaper materials, and these samples can be purchased directly from each product listing. As all of our wallpapers and wallpaper samples are made to order, samples can be ordered in custom colors too! Please see most important details of our wallpaper samples and how to purchase them correctly below.

Please see detailed wallpaper material & color difference comparison between self adhesive, traditional and commercial wallpaper materials in previous steps!

Each wallpaper sample has informational line at the bottom which includes 4 key things: 

  • Name of the design;
  • Selected colors* for the sample;
  • Pattern repeat;
  • Selected wallpaper material.

*Please remember shade may vary between sample and current production

Wallpaper Sample Sizes
    • Self adhesive wallpaper sample size: 19 inches x 19 inches (48.3cm x 48.3cm)
    • Traditional wallpaper sample size: 25 inches x 20 inches (63.5cm x 50.8cm).
    • Commercial wallpaper sample size: 25 inches x 20 inches (63.5cm x 50.8cm).
    We have made our wallpaper samples in a generous size to show the actual pattern size so you can make a more informed decision when selecting the perfect wallpaper for your interior project. Because of the size of the samples, they are shipped in sturdy cardboard tubes with a tracking number to arrive safe and sound.
      How To Order A Sample
      Each of our wallpaper designs is available in all wallpaper materials - self adhesive, traditional or commercial wallpaper, and samples can be purchased from each product listing. To order a sample, make sure to select:

      • desired wallpaper material (self adhesive wallpaper, traditional wallpaper or commercial grade wallpaper);
      • desired colors* (original color combination or custom colors);
      • desired quantity.

      Once you've made your selection and have written the required custom colors, simply add to cart!

      *Please remember shade may vary between sample and current production!