Our favourite picks from the limited edition IKEA OMEDELBAR collection

This February IKEA in collaboration with fashion activist Bea Åkerlund has launched an edgy goth glam infused limited edition collection and it is to die for! We have narrowed down our favourites & some of them might even find a place in our new studio interior!
IKEA and Bea Akerlund new limited edition collection Omedelbar
For those of us outside Scandinavia, the collection will be available this March and I believe, just like us, you have already picked an item or two and are eagerly waiting for it to arrive in the nearest IKEA store.
'Omedelbar' in translation means 'immediate' or 'direct', which we believe ties in perfectly with Bea's life mantra - B. who you are. No need to pretend or play by the rules, this unique collection is all about being yourself and having fun! 
IKEA new collection Omedelbar Everything in this collection is designed to create the perfect boudoir interior and highlights Bea's personality - the red lips are her signature look. You can find these as pillows, wall stickers and even stamped on glasses. If that's too much for you though, consider putting some red roses in the hat shaped vases. These Alice in Wonderland style vases come in black or clear glass and along with the red kisses pillows are definitely on our IKEA shopping list!
IKEA omedelbar collection black hat vase
Another fabulous piece is the OMEDELBAR clothes rack. It is a perfect industrial glam combination and for such an affordable price! The brass details give it a Hollywood glam feel, while the textured bottom ads a bit of an edge. Perfect place to store your most treasured high fashion pieces, or use it in a showroom interior as a wallpaper display, perhaps? We are in love!
Industrial glam clothes rack with brass details
Honestly, all the items in the OMEDELBAR collection are so stunning it is very hard to pick just a few favourites. And the photoshoot for the collection is something very unexpected from IKEA. It seems that in collaboration with Bea they have found (or should I say, designed) a way to combine something extra ordinary and up-top with modesty, creating a possibility to style your interior on a budget, but be able to make it look remarkable. Can we say anything else, than 'Bravo!'?
Omedelbar collection by Bea Akerlund and IKEA
As everything you can see in these images are available for purchase, maybe we can only suggest to take a look at the OMEDELBAR collection, and perhaps order some of these astonishing pieces for yourself! 

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