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Design Destination: Feel of Cuba in Madrid

Architecture of Havana, the beautiful capital city of Cuba, can be described simply as a mishmash of styles and colours, influenced from the hot and humid nature of Cuba, as well as various European and North-American cultures during different periods of time. Habanera, a cuban-style restaurant in Madrid brings the hot summer vibe of Cuban streets inside with its colorful and vibrant interior design.

Habanera Restaurant in Madrid

Habanera is a restaurant very conveniently located in the very heart of the sunny capital city of Spain - Madrid. While there is plenty amazing architecture for you to see there, Habanera, through its interior design allows you to experience another page of Spain's history - a time when Havana, Cuba was a colony of Spain and it's architecture was largely influenced by Spanish culture, though still had unique characteristics of its own.

Staircase of Habanera restaurant in Madrid

The interior was designed by Proyecto Singular, a Madrid-based interior and architecture design studio that have created many other similarly bold and unique public restaurant spaces among other projects. Habanera takes up 10,000-square-foot space and its unique characteristic is the huge fern and palm tree filled courtyard right in the middle of it. 

Restaurant Habanera in Madrid

The tropical atmosphere of cuban capital continues in the restaurant's bathroom interior. The green leaves pattern crawls up from the wall to the ceiling, creating an illusion of yet another courtyard with swings, metallic fence covered in greens, and, maybe it's just us, but could the washbasin resemble a marble fountain, waiting for the birds to dabble in the fresh water, trying to escape the tropical sun?

Bathroom and Dining hall at restaurant Habanera Madrid

With all the things to look at, one might forget the main reason for heading to a restaurant. Though the menu will not leave you disappointed - it is as colorful as the interior with lots of traditional cuban dishes made from fresh local ingredients for you to choose from. A special brunch menu is offered on Saturdays and Sundays as well. 'You can't be in two places at once' - said someone who hadn't been to Habanera, Madrid and experienced Havana, Cuba at the same time. 

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