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3 Wallpaper Color Do's & Dont's

3 Wallpaper Color Do's & Dont's
When choosing your perfect wallpaper, not only do you need to pick the most suited and favorite pattern, but think about the color as well. Your chosen wallpaper pattern and color will give a specific aura and character to the chosen room and change it significantly. Wallpaper can be the key when it comes to giving your interior space a warmer, darker and cozier feeling or on the contrary make it more welcoming and brighter. To help you out with choosing the right wallpaper color for your next project, here will be 3 wallpaper color do's and dont's.

Wallpaper In Custom Colors

Tiny Brush Removable Wallpaper in custom color
There can be a couple of reasons why choosing the right color for your chosen room is important. When picking your favorite wallpaper design that matches your taste and vision, choosing the color is the next important step. As we at Livette's Wallpaper offer to create your chosen wallpaper design in custom colors, there are plenty of options for you to choose from and make sure that the color palette is exactly as you imagined. When choosing the color, consider the mood you want to create in the room and if it will match your home interior, style and chosen furniture. In the photo above we can see the creatively done work by Joe, where he has used the Tiny Brush Pattern Removable Wallpaper in custom color - petrol, giving this space an original and bright vibe. As all of our products, including wallpaper samples, are made to order, we recommend ordering a sample of your chosen wallpaper in custom colors to check it against the interior design.

How to order our wallpaper in custom colors

At each product listing you will see two color palettes - Elegant Neutrals and Bright & Modern - with different colors you can choose from. After you have chosen your perfect design and colors, make sure to select 'Custom Colors', when placing the order, from the dropdown menu and don't forget to leave a note at each box for the required colors - 'Pattern Color' and 'Background Color'. If the chosen wallpaper design offers more than one color, make sure to note all pattern colors you would like to use. Also, please keep in mind that all of our products, including wallpaper samples, are made to order, therefore the shade can vary slightly between the ordered sample and the production of your order, especially if orders are placed very far apart time-wise.

Color Matching Wallpaper With Paint

Vintage Botancal Wall Mural
If planning to create a feature wall or leave a wall or any surface unwallpapered but painted, then color matching your chosen wallpaper with the color of your other walls or accent ceiling is very important for an aesthetic and visually fitting design. Your wallpaper and paint combination that compliments each other can take your interior to a new level. In the photo above we can see the beautiful work done by Chloe, where she has used the Vintage Botanical Removable Wall Mural and matched the color of wall and ceilings to create an eye-catching and creative nursery interior design.

How to color match wallpaper to paint correctly

As the digital colors we see on our screen can be slightly different from the actual product, we recommend ordering samples and putting them next to your other walls to match the color scheme. To match the wallpaper with the paint, one option is to choose a wallpaper that matches your chosen color the closest, or we can offer to create your chosen wallpaper in a special custom color by matching it with, for example, Pantone, Sherwin Williams or Benjamin Moore for the perfect result.

Choosing Wallpaper Color Based On The Space

Safari Animals Nursery Removable Wallpaper
As different colors can give different styles and feelings to the room, it is important to consider the size of the room and what type of aura you would like to create. A larger room wallpapered in light color, will make it seem even more spacious. Lighter color wallpaper design in a smaller room is a perfect way to give the illusion of it being bigger than it is. As seen in the photo above, by using the Vintage Safari Animal Print Removable Wallpaper in neutral light colors, Brianne has created a fun bright and welcoming nursery interior design.
Bold Leopard Wallpaper Bathroom
However, choosing a darker color wallpaper design can give the room more intimacy and make it appear warmer. Sometimes you might even prefer to give a smaller room some more feeling of warmth by choosing to cover the walls with a darker color, such as in the gorgeous bathroom done by Elisha above, where the Bold Leopard Design Removable Wallpaper design and colors give a cozy feeling to the space and adds some more intimacy to it.

We hope these 3 wallpaper color do's and dont's will give you guidance and help with choosing the right colors for your next wallpaper interior project to compliment the desired interior design and build on the ideal character and feeling.

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