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What Color Accent Wall Goes With Gray?

Though some people may not like the idea of using such a muted color, lots of people use gray paint for their interior walls as it is truly very versatile. If however you want to give your interior decor a unique style, accent walls are an outstanding option. These walls are designed to be different from the rest of the walls in a room. For example, it could be a completely different color. Alternatively, while the rest of the room could be painted, an accent wall could be covered in wallpaper. Accent walls are excellent for people who want to create a bold look. What’s more, there are loads of different color combinations that you can try for your overall interior design. Often, people pair neutral colors with a bolder shade. For instance, you might choose to decorate the majority of your walls with gray paint. Gray paint is an incredibly versatile option. If you’ve opted for it, here are the best accent wall colors to pair with gray. 

1. Yellow

bright yellow wall in grey interior
Yellow can be quite tricky to use in interior decorations, as its brightness and vibrancy can be overwhelming. However, it goes perfectly with gray. This is because gray manages to make the brightness of yellow more palatable. Therefore, a yellow accent wall is bright without being overpowering. Yellow walls also add a touch of warmth to gray rooms. Though gray is an amazing neutral color, it can be quite cold. This is especially true if it has blue undertones. Yet, yellow makes these cold walls feel cozier and inviting. The best shade of yellow to pair with gray will depend on the coolness of the gray. If it has a lot of blue undertones, then you will want a warm yellow wallpaper, such as gold, mustard, or amber. Yet, if you don’t want it to be as overpowering, you can also pair gray walls with a paler cute yellow wallpaper accent wall. In the photo above we can see our Bright Yellow Moroccan Removable Wallpaper from the Yellow Wallpaper collection. 

2. Green

Luxurious green oyster wallpaper accent wall
Green is also an incredible choice for an accent wall that works well with gray. Specifically, dark green wallpaper, such as emerald, forest, and pine, pair beautifully with gray walls. Though you can experiment with lighter shades of green as well. Part of the reason why green matches gray so beautifully is that green is associated with life and nature. Thus, green accent wall adds a touch of life to gray, a color often considered quite boring. If you are going to use this color combination, it is vital that you find the ideal matching shades of green and gray - especially from our great selection of Green Wall Mural designs or Green Wallpaper designs. If, however, you are looking for a unique and eye-catching green wallpaper design, you might love the green pattern wallpaper - Green Abstract Oysters Design Wallpaper from the Green Wallpaper collection seen in the photo above. 

3. Blue

Bold dark blue bathroom wallpaper
One of the best things about blue as an accent wall is that there are so many shades to choose from. You can find a shade of blue that will compliment your gray walls at the Blue Wallpaper collection and browse through different styles and color choices. Though a blue accent wall may not be as bold as a yellow or pink accent wall, blue wallpaper is a popular choice for good reason. It just works so excellently with gray. Navy and teal blues are especially common combinations with gray. This is because blue complements the silvery undertones of gray, creating a steel blue aesthetic. If you want to create a cool room, then a blue accent wall with peel and stick blue wallpaper will work effectively. And if you prefer a bolder design, then the dark blue wallpaper - Bold Blue Leopard Design Wallpaper from the Blue Wallpaper collection can be a fun choice to create a dazzling bathroom interior as seen in the photo above. 

4. Pink

Gray and pink kids room wallpaper design
Next, pink wallpaper is an excellent choice for people who are looking for bold aesthetics. In our opinion, pale and light pink pattern wallpaper designs look particularly well with gray walls. It makes gray, a color that is often renowned for being quite dull and neutral, more vibrant and interesting. And in the photo above we can see a beautiful example of a girls room design by Jess who has created a charming pink and grey combination in the bedroom interior by combining the light grey and light pink colors with a matching pink peel and stick wallpaper - Grey Spots Pattern Removable Wallpaper from the Pink Kids Wallpaper collection. When it comes to pink, there are loads of pink pattern wallpaper design options - check out the different pink removable wallpaper designs at the Pink Wallpaper collection.

5. Black

Modern dark wallpaper with oyster design
If you pair gray with black wallpaper, ensure that the shade of gray is not too dark. Otherwise, it will create a dark and dingy room. Instead, select a light gray. Black design wallpaper can be used to establish a dramatic style. If you select a black accent wall mural wallpaper for walls, you should ensure that the furniture in your room is light to add some life to the stunning space. Black accent walls aren’t for everyone, so you may want to seriously consider whether or not your home can pull off this style - but do not throw the idea away as black peel and stick wallpaper designs are a great option to choose and can look very sophisticated. If you are looking for black accent wall ideas, in the photo above we can see the gorgeous modern black wallpaper - Dark Abstract Oysters Removable Wallpaper from the Dark And Black Wallpaper collection adding a moody and luxurious touch to the interior. Furthermore, our Black and White Wall Murals are one of the most popular peel and stick wall art choices amongst our clients - murals your way are coming to experiment!  

6. White

White wallpaper with design in bedroom interior
You might think that white is a rather boring accent wall choice. After all, most people opt for vibrant colors and wallpaper patterns. Yet, we think that white wallpaper works wonderfully as an accent wall, as it is an incredibly flexible color. You can easily pair a white accent wall with different shades of gray. And in the photo above we can see an example of a light and airy and at the same time chic bedroom interior with the white peel and stick wallpaper - Neutral Agate Print Removable Wallpaper from the Light And White Wallpaper collection creating a modern white background with design. 

7. Orange

Colorful peonies wallpaper design
Another one of our picks is orange. Though this shade is not as popular as some of the others on this list, we believe that an orange accent wall can work wonders with grey. Like yellow, orange will make gray rooms feel warmer and more lively. While completely red walls don’t always compliment gray color schemes, orange accent walls with red undertones can be brilliant. If you love a blooming floral style, then the orangle floral wallpaper - Colorful Floral Removable Wallpaper from the Colorful Wallpaper collection could be a fun choice for a dazzling orange wallpaper accent wall. 

8. Gray

Gray wallpaper and gray monotone interior mood board inspiration
As the final option as a color to pair with gray we have chosen the gray color itself. Monotone interiors are very much in style and if created in a tasteful manner you can definitely leave a wow factor impression. A monotone gray interior design with grey wallpaper accent wall does not have to look boring or plain. Mix in some different patterns and different shades of gray to include eye-catching details and create a calming, clean and luxurious interior. Mix in a complimenting upholstery fabric to create a unique design sofa chair or printed fabric by the yard such as the Grey Foliage Print Design Printed Fabric curtains seen in the mood board above from our custom fabric designs online fabric store at Shop All Fabric Prints And Designs. In the mood board inspiration for a modern grey living room interior we can also see our grey wallpaper Marble Pattern Removable Wall Mural from the Grey Wall Mural collection and the gray peel and stick wallpaper - Concrete Tile Pattern Removable Wallpaper from the Grey Wallpaper collection combined with different eye-catching gray interior decors and the previously mentioned luxurious print fabric that can be used for an eye-catching curtain designs, cushion covers or any other detail.

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Some Of The Most Frequently Asked Questions Are:

Why Do People Have Gray Walls?
Though some people may not like the idea of using such a muted color, lots of people use gray paint for their interior walls. As this list, it can be combined with lots of accent walls, which can emphasize the gray walls and add depth and dimension to the room. 

What Are The Advantages Of Accent Walls?
There are plenty of reasons why people choose accent walls. For example, they make rooms appear more vibrant. You can easily add bold colors to a room without it being overwhelming.


As you can see, there are loads of color combinations that work fantastically with gray. These colors make great accent walls, whether you are going for a wall of block color or a patterned wallpaper that contains these shades. The important thing to remember when picking an accent wall shade is that the choice is up to you. If you don’t think an accent wall color works with gray, then don’t feel like you have to use it. Instead, rely on your own preferences and taste. If gray is your go to color on your walls, then you should definitely check out our Grey Wall Murals collection and Grey Wallpaper collection to reveal large grey abstract wall art prints and patterns.


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