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Wallpapers For School Age Children

Wallpapers For School Age Children

We still have one month of summer to enjoy, but as autumn is coming closer, we start to feel the back to school vibes and the season for kids to gain new knowledge, approaching. As for school aged children it is important to have their own private space for learning, resting, building new interests, thinking about the design of their bedroom interior can be very important to create a creative and calming atmosphere. As adding wallpaper can be an easy way to give some personality and character to a room, in this blog post we will go through inspiring school kids bedroom projects with wallpaper designs for kids starting from pre-school to teen age.

Pre-School Age Wallpaper Ideas 

Wildflower Foliage Removable Wallpaper For Kids Room

This is the age when kids are full of imagination and creativity, willing to learn more about the world through playtime and learning activities. Feeling like a princess in a magical world like in fairytales is the dream for pre-school aged girls. Floral and soft wallpaper designs can give a very girly and feminine style for a kids bedroom interior for girls. Above we can see a girls bedroom wallpaper project done by Ashley with our Wildflower Foliage Removable Wallpaper For Kids Room from the Girls Bedroom Wallpaper collection giving the room a very blooming and cozy atmosphere.

Delicate Floral Design Removable Wallpaper Girls Bedroom Interior

Another gorgeous floral option for wallpaper for pre-school girls bedroom interior is our Delicate Floral Design Removable Wallpaper as seen above from our Girls Bedroom Wallpaper collection. We love how Kamila has combined the light, floral wallpaper with cute and charming decor and furniture to create a beautiful light interior in neutral and warm tones, making the room feel spacious and welcoming.  

Bright Terrazzo Design Removable Wallpaper Boys Bedroom Design

Creating an environment that makes pre-school age kids feel warm, cozy and creative is the key to encouraging them to feel free in their own private space. Furthermore, choosing the right wallpaper for children's bedrooms is important to create a joyful atmosphere where they want to spend time in. In the photo above we can see the colorful and fun kids bedroom project for boys by Haylie where she has chosen our Bright Terrazzo Design Removable Wallpaper from our Boys Bedroom Wallpaper collection to create a bright and bubbly vibe.

Alphabet Pattern Removable Wallpaper With Illustrations

As this is the time when children are learning how to become more independent and spend time in their own room - playing, reading and doing their first exciting homework, perhaps choosing a wallpaper that would encourage them to learn new things every day is a perfect choice to encourage the learning process Our Alphabet Pattern Removable Wallpaper With Illustrations from our Boys Bedroom Wallpaper collection, as seen above, can provide kids with an activity that is both fun and informative, allowing children to learn the alphabet by associating each letter with an animal or any interesting object. If you are loving the animal theme then we would recommend visit our Butterfly & Birds Wallpaper Collection for that inspiration.

School-Age Wallpaper Ideas

Neutral Granny Chic Design Wallpaper Girls Bedroom Design

Another beautiful floral design choice of wallpaper for 7 year old girls is our Neutral Granny Chic Design Wallpaper from the Girls Bedroom Wallpaper as seen in the blooming girls bedroom interior by Ashley above. We love the neutral color combination with soft, pastel pink tones that together gives a very girly and delicate atmosphere. The floral details and decor choices give a very soothing and comfy mood for a lovely shared girls bedroom design.

Pink Pineapple Girls Kids Room Design

With the recently released Barbie movie, pink has become a massive trend in fashion and interior. It can be a perfect color for an 8 year old girls bedroom wallpaper design, giving a fun and feminine atmosphere. Above we can see a beautiful pink inspired girls bedroom interior by Chelsee with our Tropical Pineapple Pattern Removable Wallpaper from the Girls Bedroom Wallpaper collection, enhancing the Malibu Barbie themed bedroom interior for a playful and energizing atmosphere.

Chinese Wave Pattern Removable Wallpaper Boys Bedroom Design

If you are looking for a coastal themed wallpaper for 8 year olds that could give a fun and creative atmosphere, then the Chinese Wave Pattern Removable Wallpaper from the Boys Bedroom Wallpaper collection as seen in the blue themed boys bedroom project by Sarah above, can be a perfect choice. If you would like to check out more options for an ocean themed wallpaper, visit our Ocean Inspired Kid's Room Wallpaper collection.

Vintage Airplane Pattern Removable Wallpaper Boys Bedroom interior

Perhaps you are looking for a more Top Gun themed wallpaper design for a kids aviation themed interior? Our Vintage Airplane Pattern Removable Wallpaper from our Boy's Bedroom Wallpaper collection as seen in the boys bedroom project by Katie in the photo above, can create a fun airplane themed mood. We love the neutral color combination with classic details in decor that together created a very unique vintage kids bedroom interior.


Tweens & Teens Wallpaper Ideas

Grey Spots Pattern Removable Wallpaper Girls Bedroom Interior

Soft colors with a touch of pink can be a charming teenage room decor choice for a tween aged girl's bedroom interior. Above we can see a lovely bedroom project by Cooper And Cooper Interiors with our Grey Spots Pattern Removable Wallpaper from Junior & Teen Room Wallpaper collection that can be very cute wallpapers for 8 year olds and later work very well as well during the teenage years, making it a great, timeless wallpapers for 15 year olds and older.

Navy Dalmatian Print Removable Wallpaper Tennage Girl Bedroom Design

If you are looking for teenage room wall decor cute wallpapers for 13 year olds and age above girls bedroom in a more colorful and fun interior design, then maybe this Navy Dalmatian Print Removable Wallpaper from our Eclectic Kid's Room Wallpaper Collection in the lively girls bedroom project by J + J Design Group as seen above, could be a perfect option. We love the eclectic style in this project that introduces different patterns, textures and colors making it a perfect style for a teenage girl's bedroom to express a creative, young personality.

Cube Pattern Removable Wallpaper For Kids Room

If you are looking for an eye-catching, geometric teen boy wallpaper designs for your teenage boy's bedroom interior, then this Cube Pattern Removable Wallpaper For Kids Room from the Boy's Bedroom Wallpaper collection in the blue themed colorful boys bedroom project by Nicole can be a great choice. We love the playful mix of patterns and accent color in this project, making it a lively, creative space with a great choice of cool wallpapers for 11 year olds bedroom interiors.

Blue Cube Design Removable Wallpaper

Are you looking for cool wallpapers for 13 year olds and age above boy's bedroom? If you are looking for cool geometric wall decorations for teenage rooms - this Blue Cube Design Removable Wallpaper as seen in the photo above, can give an eye-catching accent wall and pop of color for an energetic and chic vibe. To check out more options of geometric wallpaper designs, visit our Geometric Wallpaper collection.

We hope this blog post gave you some inspiration for a back to school project or upcoming preparations for your kids first day to school to create a bedroom design that would provide a creative and calming atmosphere for the new learning season. If you would like to check out more options for kids wallpaper, visit our Boy's Bedroom Wallpaper or Girls Bedroom Wallpaper collections. To check out more choices for cool teenage wallpapers, visit our Junior & Teen Room Wallpaper collection.

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