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Kids Playroom Wallpaper Ideas

Kids Playroom Wallpaper Ideas

Do you remember how much time you spent or wanted to spend playing every day? It is said that having a dedicated separate playroom for kids can encourage them to play independently and use their imagination more. Furthermore it can encourage kids to respect and organize their own space leaving less of a mess. How great does that sound? To help you create a kids playroom that would tickle their imagination with some fun and eye-catching wallpaper designs, and help them build important skills, in this blog post we will go through 6 gorgeous playroom projects to inspire from.

1. Giraffe Pattern Removable Wallpaper

Giraffe Removable Wallpaper Kids Playroom

Creating a space that kids want to spend time in and feel safe to play in alone is the key to encourage them to unlock some new skills, start thinking independently and give them a space to get creative. Above we can see a fun playroom project by Caitlin, where she has used our safari wall decor design - Giraffe Pattern Removable Wallpaper to give the space a little bit of an exotic feeling to enhance the creativity and imagination for kids during their playtime and also is a great base to style with other safari themed nursery decor. To find other animal peel and stick wallpaper styles, like leopard peel and stick wallpaper, bunny wall decor or even cheetah wallpaper peel and stick designs, visit our Animal Print Kids Wallpaper collection to find your dream animal print peel and stick wallpaper pattern.

2. Tiny Brush Pattern Removable Wallpaper

Tiny Brush Pattern Removable Wallpaper Kids Playroom

In the photo above we can see the beautiful neutral kids playroom project by Nikki. She has used our Tiny Brush Pattern Removable Wallpaper In Linen Color to give the room a minimalistic yet eye-catching accent wall. We love the neutral color choice in this project that makes the space timeless and easy to redecorate after time when kids grow up. Perhaps you would like to add some pop of color with the same design? All of our wallpaper designs are available in custom colors. Please visit our Learn & How To page on Custom Colors to learn more.

3. Modern Plaid Print Removable Wallpaper

Modern Plaid Print Removable Wallpaper Kids Playroom

 The warm and cozy playroom project by Mary as seen above makes the space feel welcoming and joyful. Mary has used our Modern Plaid Print Removable Wallpaper from our Playroom Wallpaper collection that suits perfectly within the style of this slightly boho inspired kids playroom. The wallpaper is also a perfect choice if you are looking to update the space easily as well for a five year old, six year old playroom and older kids as time passes. 

4. Stripy Leaves Removable Wallpaper

Blue Stripy Leaves Kids Playroom

This outdoorsy boys playroom project by Stephanie can be perfect for kids who love to spend time outdoors and explore nature. The Stripy Leaves Removable Wallpaper chosen by Stephanie as seen in the photo above has created a fun, joyful and welcoming space to allow kids imagination to fly during their playtime with an easy storage space that allows them to learn how to organize their toys after playing with them.

5. Hazelnut Color Botanical Wildflower Removable Wallpaper

Wildflower Floral Kids Playroom Interior

Perhaps a floral girls playroom interior with a touch of boho style is more in your taste? Above we can see a blooming girls playroom design by Amanda, where she has used our Hazelnut Color Botanical Wildflower Removable Wallpaper to create a soft and playful atmosphere for a joyful playtime. The soft color choice makes it a perfect option for another timeless playroom design that can be updated to accommodate a later age girls dedicated playroom as well.

6.  Brush Strokes Print Removable Wallpaper

Brush Strokes Wallpaper Light Kids Playroom Design

 Perhaps there are multiple kids in your family and you are looking for design inspiration for both genders? Above we can see a beautiful minimalistic interior for girls and boys playroom in light colors, making it a bright and spacious room for kids to get creative in. We love the creative touch Angela has done by designing a reading nook with our Brush Strokes Print Removable Wallpaper in custom color - Roof, for kids to have a comfortable space for reading and learning new skills.

 Kids in the younger age learn a lot through playing, therefore, providing them with a fun dedicated space, that can be a separate room or for example a repurposed large closet, transformed attic or other space can encourage them to spend more independent time playing and getting creative. We hope this blog post showing 6 kids' playroom design ideas will inspire you to create a playful space to tickle your child’s imagination and enhance their learning. If you would like to check out more wallpaper options for kids playrooms, visit our Playroom Wallpaper collection.

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