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Modern Bathroom Wallpaper Ideas For Every Taste

 Modern Bathroom Wallpaper Ideas For Every Taste

Creating a cozy and beautiful bathroom interior with a touch of luxury and feeling of intimacy is definitely a vision for all of us. As using wallpaper in bathrooms has become very popular to give the interior some personality with a pop of color and an eye-catching pattern, finding modern wallpaper for the bathroom has become important to create a statement design. To help you with some ideas for your next gorgeous bathroom interior make-over here will be modern bathroom wallpaper ideas that can be suitable for every taste.


Black And White Wallpaper In Bathrooms

Abstract Piano Pattern Removable Wallpaper Bathroom Design

Black and white peel and stick wallpaper in bathroom interior is definitely a timeless choice that will always be trendy.The color combination allows to create both - bold and wow factor interior design as well as a more cozy and elegant feeling in the space. With countless options out there, you can choose a more minimalistic black and white bathroom wallpaper as our Abstract Piano Pattern Removable Wallpaper from the Black And White Wallpaper collection as seen in the beautiful bathroom project by Maison Rose Interiors above, that gives the modern touch to the space but keeps it elegant and allows to combine with other colors and eye-catching unusual shaped black and white room decor.

Bold Palm Leaf Wallpaper In Black Bathroom Interior

If you love a bold, tropical style, but would prefer to go with the darker color combination for a tropical bathroom wallpaper, our black and white tree wallpaper inspired design - Bold Palm Leaf Wallpaper In Black from the Bathroom Wallpaper collection as seen in the dazzling bathroom interior above, can give black bathroom wallpaper style with a touch of light pop of color and a seaside vibe that you might be looking for. We love the added splash of the rich green color detail in the interior that is also a very stylish color choice at the moment and enhances the tropical theme in the bathroom interior.

Simple Herringbone Removable Wallpaper In Black Ceiling Design

In the past years and more so during this year we see the rise of popularity in wallpapered ceilings. And when it comes to bathrooms, it can enhance the intimate and cozy feeling even further as wallpaper on the fifth wall can not only give a wow factor detail but can make the ceiling feel slightly lower. As seen in the photo above, our Simple Herringbone Removable Wallpaper In Black from the Bathroom Wallpaper collection can give gorgeous details to a black and white bathroom interior. If you are looking for some more information on how to wallpaper ceiling in a bathroom, visit our How To Wallpaper A Ceiling: Best Tips To Follow blog post.


Bathroom Wallpaper Accent Wall

Tiny Brush Pattern Removable Wallpaper Bathroom Interior

An easy way to give your small bathroom a wow factor make-over is to use peel and stick wallpaper in a gorgeous fun design with some pop of color. Above we can see a creative way of making a small bathroom stand out in the bathroom project by Joe, where he has used our Tiny Brush Pattern Removable Wallpaper in custom color - Petrol from our Bathroom Wallpaper collection and given the interior an original and bright atmosphere. We love the blue and white wallpaper bathroom interior with a touch of quirky bathroom wallpaper decor, that together gives a fun and dazzling design. 

Blue Vintage Clouds Wall Mural Bathroom Interior

If you are looking for a more vintage bathroom wallpaper option, then our Blue Vintage Clouds Wall Mural from our Wall Murals collection as seen above, can be a great choice. We love the coastal wallpaper bathroom vibe by Suzy created above with the wallpaper accent wall bathroom design giving both a vintage style and a seaside atmosphere. Being a light and dreamy design this bathroom mural wallpaper can be a great choice as a kids or teenage bathroom decor idea, as well. If you are looking for more kids bathroom wallpaper options, visit our Kid's Bathroom Wallpaper collection.


Tile Bathroom Wallpaper

Monochrome Tile Removable Wallpaper Bathroom Interior

If you want to create a tiled bathroom wall design, but want to have the option for an easy removal, then choosing peel and stick tile wallpaper can be a perfect solution. Above we can see a gorgeous example of tiled bathroom wallpaper in a project created by Tiffany, where she has chosen our Italian tile design wallpaper - Monochrome Tile Removable Wallpaper from Tiles Wallpaper collection to give the interior an eye-catching, stunning detail.

Geometric Tile Pattern Wallpaper Bathroom Design

If perhaps a more geometric style bathroom faux tile wallpaper design is more your taste, than this peel and stick wallpaper tiles Geometric Tile Pattern Wallpaper from our Tiles Wallpaper collection, could be just what you might be looking for. With pink now being the color everyone is talking about because of the recently released Barbie movie, this soft pink bathroom wallpaper tiles design can give a feminine and charming atmosphere for a warm and cozy bathroom interior. If you love pink in your interior design or would love to decorate your kids bathroom with girly bathroom decor, check out our Pink Wallpaper collection.

We hope this blog post shoving modern bathroom wallpaper ideas for every taste will give you some inspiration for easy peel and stick wallpaper bathroom ideas to give your bathroom a stylish make-over. If you would like to check out more options for a chic bathroom wallpaper design, visit our Bathroom Wallpaper collection.

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