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Should You Wallpaper Every Wall?

Should You Wallpaper Every Room

There are countless interior design options when it comes to wallpapering. You can go for a bold and colorful atmosphere with colorful rainbow wallpaper or a minimalistic and elegant vibe with beige color wallpaper or peach color wallpaper, perhaps. If you are planning for an interior make-over including a beautiful wallpaper design, you probably might have an idea of a style you would like to go with. But often the question might be - how many walls should I wallpaper, or should I wallpaper the whole room? Therefore, in this blog post, we would like to go through some tips and projects for inspiration to see when it might be best to create a wallpaper accent wall or wallpaper all walls.

When To Wallpaper All Walls

Terrazzo Mural Colorful Nursery Design

If you are considering wallpapering all walls in a room, take into mind that wallpaper can make a big statement and have a presence. A very bold and bright peel and stick wallpaper pattern used on all walls can overpower the overall interior design. Therefore, choosing a lighter and more minimalistic wallpaper to cover all walls can give a beautiful eye-catching design that works more as a backdrop, allowing to combine it with patterned and colorful furniture and accessories without making it overwhelming and rather tasteful.

However, choosing the right wallpaper can bring the room to life and give it a fresh, chic breath of air. Above we can see the beautiful nursery design with bright wall paper colors, created by Jeru. They have chosen our Coral Terrazzo Design Wall Mural to add some pop of color to the interior that blends perfectly with other interior elements, colors, materials and patterns. In some cases wallpapering all walls as well as the ceiling can give a gorgeous wow factor monotone backdrop in the interior for the ones who love bold and daring colorfull wall designs. If you are loving the look of bright colored wallpaper, visit our Colorful Wallpaper collection to find more fun and bold designs like this one. 

Giraffe Wallpaper Kids Room Design

Sometimes wallpapering not all walls but two or three can be a great option as well, if one of the walls has another wall cowering or, for example, paneling. Above we can see a beautiful kids room design created by Caitlin. She has chosen our Giraffe Pattern Removable Wallpaper to cover two of the walls and give the room a colorful and fun atmosphere but chosen neutral colors wallpaper.

When To Wallpaper One Wall

Bold Leopard Wallpaper Bathroom Design

Wallpapering one wall can create a beautiful statement accent wall in the interior. It is a great option when you are looking to add a bolder pattern in the room and a focal point. When choosing the accent wall, it is recommended to go with the wall that includes the most eye-catching features and is the wall you would look at first when entering. Elisha has created a bold and very chic powder room design by creating an accent wall with our Bold Leopard Design Removable Wallpaper as seen in the photo above.

London Metro Lines Wallpaper Ceiling Design

As in the past years and especially this year wallpapering ceiling has become more in style, then creating an accent wall on the fifth wall - the ceiling, can give a dazzling design element. There are wallpaper patterns that are less daring that can look gorgeous on all four walls and the ceiling, however, if prefering to go with a bolder design and color combination, then wallpapering only the ceiling by combining with painted walls can give a very memorable look. Above we can see a gorgeous example of wallpapered ceiling done by the talented team Hammer + Harmony who have covered the ceiling with our London Metro Lines Removable Wallpaper in black and off white to dazzle the office guests from when they enter the building. If you are looking to learn more about wallpapering the fifth wall, visit our How To Wallpaper A Ceiling: Best Tips To Follow blog post.

Planning a wallpapering project can be an exciting and fun process involving important decisions. We hope this blog post will help you visualize your next wallpapering project and whether you would prefer to wallpaper one wall or multiple.

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