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Pink Eclectic Master Bedroom Interior

Fun and colourful bedroom remodel using pink removable wallpaper

Who said that pink color is only suited for kids room interiors? We are here with this blog post to prove that idea wrong. This blush pink accent wall bedroom remodel will inspire you to include some pink colors in your own home interior. Pink is such a vibrant and bold color that makes the room so light and fun. Keep reading this blog to see how lovely Maxine have transformed her vintage bedroom to this modern and bright master bedroom of her dreams!

DIY small bedroom interior project featuring some colourful wallpaper design

The plan for Maxine was to bring the fun to her bedroom using some accent colors and wallpaper. For this project Maxine used our bold wallpaper peel and stick design - Elegant Coral Removable wallpaper from our Modern Mediterranean Collection. Make sure to visit our website for more wallpaper designs like this and get inspired for some room remodels in your home. To finish this accent wall there was only 7 traditional wallpaper panels required. Maxine decided to use the traditional kind of wallpaper material which has worked in her favour for sure - the pattern scale is larger on the traditional wallpaper than it is on the self adhesive wallpaper!

Fun wallpaper designs for accent wall in bedroom interiors

We absolutely adore Maxine’s sense of vision when it comes to planning an interior project and creating a mood board for the interior look. We absolutely recommend to jump on Maxine’s blog about creating the mood board for this lovely project. What started with putting all the visions in one board now is this spectacular and sophisticated final result. We think that it’s really smart idea to balance the pink accents in the interior with some dark tones. For example, this dark and rich tone of blue color just goes perfectly together with the overall look of the room.

Elegant Coral wallpaper design in small bedroom interior

As this room is quite small Maxine used all the space she have to create this bedroom with a lot of storage space that is not so visible when looking at an overall look of the room.

Make sure to jump on Maxine’s blog about this lovely project to learn more about some tips and tricks when remodelling and redecorating your room.
Modern bedroom interior design
This room makes us happy! The colourfulness and lightness really makes this room so fun to live in. Don't be afraid to pop in some colours into your own home interior for some fun in this chilly fall season - look for more pink wall decals on our Pink Wallpaper collection! Or for more peel and stick wallpaper funky edition, check out our Eclectic Wallpaper collection!

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