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Vintage Botanical Bathroom Interior | Mood Board Monday

As autumn has quickly arrived and fall inspired color palettes have taken over our moods, wardrobes and Pinterest accounts, we thought it is time to create a bathroom interior design inspiration that embraces the autumnal color palette all year round and just screams subtle luxury, which we feel is something we all need when the days turn shorter. Read more to explore this Vintage Botanical Bathroom design with our peel and stick wallpaper vintage botanical print and shop the look!
We're not sure if subtle luxury is a thing, but it definitely is a term listed in our personal vocabulary. We feel that high quality interior elements paired together with more daring patterns and textures form the perfect unity. Here you would choose your investment pieces of the interior, such as bathtub that just makes your soul sing and that mirror or pendant lamp that you can not stop thinking about and pair it together with patterns or textures that are not necessarily bold or eclectic, yet something that you wouldn't find in every other interior. A good example of this we believe is our mural wallpaper for bathroom interior - Vintage Botanical Wall Mural which, we have to be honest, design-wise is quite a statement itself, however the subtle and earthy colors of this botanical wall paper tone the whole look down a little and definitely bring all the feels of nature and relaxation to your at home spa rituals. To tie the whole concept together and make the overall look more luxurious, make sure to use different textures for the furniture and decor pieces. In this room we have mixed textures such as cane print for the screen, tambour from the vanity and wood planks used for the design of the bathtub. To elevate the look think of it in a sense of creating the perfect OOTD - gold or metallic accents are always the way to go. And just as in the perfect OOTD, you can find your more affordable pieces that can be easily switched out each season to achieve the interior styling and feel you are going for. For example, these beautiful dark blue bath towels would be a fantastic choice for autumn/winter season however can be easily switched out for more neutral tones when spring arrives. This little hack also allows you to have that new look feel whenever desired, even if all you've done is changed the towels.

 If this interior is something that tickles your fancy, below we have listed all of the products and brands we used to design this recreational at-home spa interior filled with dark and moody tones, vintage wallpaper for walls botanical design elements and gold decor pieces so you can shop this look yourself. However, if you are interested in seeing more botanical wallpaper peel and stick or traditional wallpaper designs, visit our Botanical Wallpaper collection. And for more antique wall paper designs like this one, head over to our Vintage and Retro Wallpaper collection.
Shop the look:
1. Vintage Botanical Removable Wall Mural | Livette's Wallpaper
2. Tiber Double Pendant On Rod | Hector Finch
3. Kasa Lamp | Ziihome
4. Modern Foliage Art Poster | Livette's Wallpaper
5. Leonor Mirror Ulivi
6. Kassatex Patara Bath Towel | Anthropologie
7. Slowtide Kal Bath Towel | Anthropologie
8. Deluxe Tamboured Vanity | Anthropologie
9. Desmond Screen | Mezzo Collection
10. Baula Bathtub | Unique Wood Design
11. Misona Bath Mat | Anthropologie
12. Tiber Flush Wall Mounted Lamp | Hector Finch

As winter slowly approaches and warm bubble baths and a glass of wine is just what is needed after a long work week, make sure to put your bathroom spruce up on your to-do list to make sure you can find that much needed relaxation and recreation whenever it is needed to help you last through the season. If you want to find more bathroom wall murals stickers like this one, then visit our Bathroom and Powder Room Wall Murals collection. 


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