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Delicate Floral Wall Mural Styled 2 Ways | Bohemian and Farmhouse Girls' room interior ideas

Modern floral design removable wallpaper style inspiration in modern farmhouse and modern bohemian girls bedroom interior

If you want to design a floral themed girl's room interior and are looking for some inspiration of bohemian style kid's room interiors, we have prepared something just for you! Our Delicate Floral wallpaper styled 2 ways - in modern farmhouse & modern bohemian style girl's room interiors. Let us know which of these interior styles you like best!


Farmhouse style inspired girl's bedroom interiorIf you are looking for inspiration on how to style your kids' bedroom interior here we have a beautiful example of a floral farmhouse girl's bedroom. Let us guide you through all the main interior accessories that you need for a farmhouse-inspired girl's bedroom. Modern Farmhouse style girl's bedroom interior inspiration

We should all take a moment to appreciate what Rachel (a mom who truly knows how to decorate living space) has created. Rachel combined farmhouse style interior elements with a soft color palette and floral pattern decorations. For the accent wall, she picked our Delicate Floral Design Removable Wallpaper from Bohemian Girl's Wallpaper collection and it fits perfectly. Now, since we are decorating girls room - more flowers is a necessity. Look for an area rug, bedclothes, or blankets with botanical patterns. Try to avoid synthetic fabrics and say yes to natural materials such as cotton or linen. Another idea of how to add some flowers to the interior is by adding vintage style botanical wall art. Vintage and rustic vibe interior pieces have a strong character that can help you achieve a more complete farmhouse bedroom look. Keeping that in mind once again we can refer to Rachel's project. She combined a white metal frame bed with an adorable pink nightstand and natural wood toolbox. Don't worry if you have trouble finding a vintage-style pink color wood bedside table - simply paint one. Our pick is Sherwin Williams "Inner Child" soft pink color. 

Modern Farmhouse style girls bedroom interior styled with floral wallpaper



 1. State Flower Embroidered Tapestry - Urban Outfitters

2. The Sunflower Art Print - Livette's Wallpaper

3. Delicate Floral Design Removable Wallpaper - Livette's Wallpaper

4. Handmade Organic Material Toys - Hazel Village

5. Twin Metal Doley Bed in White Finish - Overstock 

6. Love at First White (All Cotton) - Beddys

7. Baby Quilt (Pastel Petal) - Red Cover

8. Vintage Wooden Tool Box - Etsy

9. Winsome Eugene Accent Table - Amazone

10.  Kristan Vintage Oriental Rug - Revival



Here is another beautiful example of a floral girl's room interior. This time we picked a nursery/bedroom interior featuring bohemian interior style vibes. 

This beautifully bohemian interior features our Pink Delicate Floral Removable Wallpaper from the Modern Bohemian Wallpaper Collection. The difference between this floral wallpaper and the one featured in the farmhouse style girl's room above is the background color of the design. The above mentioned wallpaper has an off-white background & black floral design, while this floral wallpaper has more nude/powder pink colored background & the same black florals but overall a bit darker tone. It works beautifully with neutral tone rugs and bed linen. For a soft & bohemian look, we suggest to choose rattan style interior decor elements, such as baby crib, nursing chair or even lamp shade or storage baskets! For an additional girly vibe, implement pink decor elements through blankets, throw pillows or art prints. See the nursery mood board below & shop the look!

Modern bohemian girls bedroom interior with eclectic style and pink home decor



1. Large Soft Giraffe Toy - H&M

2. Natural Rattan Style Lamp - La Redoute

3. Pink Delicate Floral Removable Wallpaper - Livette's Wallpaper

4. Soft Wool-blend Blanket - H&M

5. The Moon Art Print - Livette's Wallpaper 

6. Peggy Convertible Crib - Babyletto

7. Large Jute Baskets - La Redoute

8. Velvet Cushion With Tassels - H&M

9. Grey & Mustard Area Rug - La Redoute



We hope you liked this collaborative post and found some styling ideas & tips on how to create a Floral girl's bedroom interior. If you have some thoughts or suggestions for blog post ideas you would like to see, please don't hesitate to leave a comment below!



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