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Boho Chic Girl's bedroom inspo | Delicate floral wallpaper

Minimal bohemian baby girl's nursery interior with floral pink removable wallpaper

We've noticed that lately Livette's Dusty pink has become one of the most popular custom colors for girl's room wallpaper. Used mostly for floral pattern designs, Dusty is a subtle pink color version. It has a neutral undertone that allows us to use it for a variety of interior styles. It will fit equally perfect in a modern or boho style girls' bedroom. In this girls' bedroom inspiration blog post, we decided to use our Delicate Floral design wallpaper from Bohemian Girl's Bedroom wallpaper collection. The interior style is boho-chic and the wallpaper color, of course, Dusty pink with white background.

Large modern flower wall mural for pink girls bedroom
As you can see, Delicate Floral design is an oversized pattern mural. No matter if you use it just for an accent wall or cover the entire room - the outcome is beautiful and expressive. Full pattern repeat consists of 3 wallpaper panels, but if needed, its size can be customized! To better understand the size and quantity of wallpaper you would need for your girls' bedroom project, read our blog post How to measure a wall for removable wallpaper.
Pink Delicate floral removable wallpaper for girls nursery
To achieve a complete interior look, let the pink color eco through other interior accessories. Eather it's a rug or pillows - make sure that the pink color tones are the same or close enough. Our choice is soft pink hue linen curtains. 
Make sure to visit our Pink Kids Wallpaper collection for even more adorable wallpaper designs as this collection includes all shades of pink nursery wallpaper - baby pink or even hot pink wallpaper for your interior design.
Light modern boho girls bedroom inspo with oversized floral pattern removable wallpaper
Since we offer two types of materials (self-adhesive and non-woven), consider ordering some samples first or read our blog post "Self-Adhesive vs Traditional wallpaper material". There you will find information about the main differences between these wallpaper materials. 
Boho style girls nursery with floral pink wallpaper and interior decor
As you can see in this boho-chic girl's bedroom picture, dusty pink floral wallpaper design goes well with more neutral, warm earthy color interior pieces. If your girl already has a neutral or boho style bedroom, simply adding this wallpaper design in the pink color will create a more delicate and sophisticated look.


1. Create a color palette
When searching for the right interior colors - tend towards more neutral tones with pink undertones. This is an easy way how to combine boho and chic interior look in one room. 
2.  Choose wallpaper design
Consider using a delicate pattern design to achieve that chic look just like we did with our Delicate Floral design wallpaper from Bohemian Girl's Bedroom wallpaper collection. 
3. Match patterns and colors
Now that you know your color palette and wallpaper design, find other matching interior pieces like rug or pillows. Make sure that the decor pink color tones are the same or close enough. Regarding the patterns - try to stick with simple and minimal patterns designs. 
If you have any questions or would like to comment, feel free to leave your thoughts below!

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