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WAVE PATTERN WALLPAPER STYLED 2 WAYS | Coastal Farmhouse & Coastal Eclectic powder room ideas

Wave pattern removable wallpaper styled two ways in coastal farmhouse and coastal eclectic style powder room interiors mood boards

Summertime and coastal interiors seem to go hand in hand. Because of this, we would like to share with you 2 beautiful ideas on how to incorporate our Chinese Wave Design Wallpaper in powder room interiors! However we like to mix things up and so we have chosen two very interesting styles for two very different personalities. We have mixed coastal & farmhouse styles for those who prefer more neutral interiors, as well as coastal & eclectic styles, for those who love a pop of colour! Browse through this post to steal some beautiful powder room decor ideas and shop the look!


Ocean theme wallpaper styled in modern coastal farmhouse style powder room interior

 If you have been searching on how to decorate coastal farmhouse style powder room - we've got few ideas with what to start! When looking close enough, we can see some similarities between coastal and farmhouse interior styles like the use of raw texture decor and antique or distressed furniture. Let's use it as our advantage. What I would like to focus on is natural material woven accessories and coastal theme decor.
Keeping that in mind let's talk about how to style our neutral great wave wall mural/wallpaper - Chinese Wave Pattern wallpaper in a coastal farmhouse bathroom. Our coastal farmhouse inspiration mood board has white, greys, and beige brown colors. We started by adding the big pieces like bathroom vanity - white and simple. After that, we added wall covering. Since Chinese Wave wallpaper originally is bright blue we changed it to Fog grey from our custom color palette. Another wall decor that we added is the "Antique Ship Illustration Art Print" from our Coastal Wall Art Print collection. Then we where able to style the rest of the accessories. Neutral earthy color echos through other statement pieces such as woven storage boxes, round cotton jute rug, and a beautiful ocean theme wall mirror with a decorative rope frame. These are the finish pieces of the coastal farmhouse style powder room interior.

See the coastal farmhouse style powder room mood board below & shop the look!

Modern coastal farmhouse inspiration mood board with shop the look list 


1. Antique Ship Illustration Art Print - Livette's Wallpaper

2. Quincy Rope Wall Mirror - One Kings Lane

3. Bistro Double Sconce - McGee & Co

4. Sansevieria Trifasciata potted plant - Ikea

5. Melpark D Bath Vanity - Home Depot

6. Leigh round white cotton and jute rug - Maisons du Monde

7. Chinese Wave Pattern Removable Wallpaper - Livette's Wallpaper

8. Abbot Stripe Hand Towel - McGee & Co

9. Shea Liquid Soap - McGee & Co

10. Cast Iron Toilette Sign - Terrain

11. Aseana Folio Bin Natural - Target



Eclectic coral color coastal style removable wallpaper with wave pattern and eclectic shell home decor

For those of you who prefer to go bold with their color choices, we decided to create this fun eclectic style powder room interior with coral and pink color scheme. The coral wall mural/wallpaper design - Chinese Wave Wallpaper has been selected in a custom coral color from our color palette, but we feel this wallpaper would work best with white board & batten wall panels as coral colour is quite bold. To continue with the vibrant bathroom decor scheme, we chose two of our most colourful wall art prints from our Coastal Wall Art Print Collection - Bold & Pink Flamingo and Vibrant Coral Art Print. To mix in some bohemian interior vibes, we chose a pink vintage rug and jute basket from Anthropologie. To counteract with the bohemian vibes, we selected some more subdued decor elements such as the octangular wall mirror and geometric style chandelier from Urban Outfitters. Even though we mainly chose pink colours for this eclectic powder room interior, mixing in some reds and light blues from interior decor elements and greens from plants and greenery is a great way how to make this bathroom even more colourful, if desired! Or remain with neutral & pink shades for a more subtle and monochrome powder room interior. 

See the coastal eclectic powder room mood board & shop the look below! For more nautical wallpaper murals designs like this one, check out our Coastal Wall Mural collection and choose a larger format Chinese/Japanese wave mural in your home.

Eclectic coastal style powder room mood board idea with pink color palette and flamingo room decor and removable wallpaper


1. Chinese Wave Pattern Removable Wallpaper - Livette's Wallpaper

2. Coastal Wall Art Prints - Livette's Wallpaper

3. Tristan Ceramic Pendant Light - Urban Outfitters

4. Melanie Octagon Mirror - Anthropologie

5. Odetta Powder Room Vanity - Anthropologie

6. Amphora Bath Math - Anthropologie

7. Marquee Letter Hooks - Anthropologie

8. Clare Basket - Anthropologie

9. Strelitzia Potter Plant - Ikea




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    We generally recommend to install the wallpaper over smooth or lightly textured walls, however the best way to go would be to order a self adhesive wallpaper sample first and give it a test to see how it works on your walls and if you are satisfied with the result, before committing to a larger purchase.

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  • I have a question about the wallpaper.
    So I live in Colorado and I feel like most homes have the textured walls and ceiling and my house is like that too. Will the wallpaper work with that type of wall?

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