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Decor Trends For This Easter Holiday

Decor Trends For This Easter Holiday

Easter is fastly approaching, therefore, it's time to get creative and bring the holiday feeling inside. Having your home decorated within the theme can definitely make a difference and enhance the festive feeling for everyone. There are many ways to create a beautiful Easter themed atmosphere for the holidays, but where to start and what is trendy this season in Easter decor? To help you out, here will be some of the trendiest decor ideas for this season to give your home a chic holiday vibe and welcome this Easter in style.

Moss Decorated Centerpieces

Moss Easter Centerpiece

Go outside for a moss hunt for this year's Easter holiday table centerpiece decorations. Being trendy on Tik Tok, you can easily find inspiration by searching #mossdecoration on social media. However, it might not be as hard to come up with an idea and get creative yourself, as all it needs is a beautiful decorative plate or a bowl, some Easter egg decorations, and perhaps some Easter bunnies. If looking to add some more detail, then flowers will definitely go within the design and give a lovely spring vibe and a pop of color to it.

Daisy Crazy Spring Decor

Daisy Crazy Easter Decorations

Daisies are taking over the social media for this year's Easter decorations giving us a very strong flower power movement. Floral patterns are overall very trendy this year in interior design, therefore, adding these fun and playful flowers in your home interior can give a very chic floral vibe. Think about daisy patterned tablecloths, candles, vases or give your home a very cheerful and colorful wall decor with a Daisy Art Print. If having access to the flowers themselves, then decorating your Easter dessert with some daisies as seen in the photo above will definitely give a lovely spring touch to it.

Easter Themed Napkins

Easter Themed Napkins

There is power in detail and every detail can make a difference, therefore, a very easy way to add a fun touch within the theme is to get some Easter themed napkins. Get creative and fold the napkin in a bunny shape as seen in the photo above. Consider using a napkin in base color that will match your table set, fold rolled napkin in half, place an egg in the middle and tie the top with a ribbon of your choice. To add an airy spring touch consider using linen material napkins as seen in the photo above.

DIY Mini Egg Branch Tree

DIY Easter Branch Tree Decor

If looking for a higher table decor with a little more volume and that touch of wow factor, then creating a branch tree is a great option. Embrace the outdoors and go for some beautiful branch hunt, get a statement, eye catching vase and organize the branches inside to create a look of a smaller tree. Trendy Easter decors this year as well are mini eggs, therefore, to give your branch tree stylish ornaments for this Easter, consider hanging mini decorative eggs to create a statement table centerpiece.

Easter Bunny Decorations

Rabbit Easter Decoration
Easter is the time to enter the rabbit hole and have some fun with easter themed bunny decorations. Bring some Wonderland fantasy and childhood memories within your Easter table decor. As bunnies are the symbol of Easter, they definitely will enhance the theme and give a playful feeling for both adults and children. To create a world of magic don't hold back with bunny decorations and rather go all the way with different decors such as bunny candle holders, bunny egg holders and beautiful colorful bunny decors to create a statement design giving that wow factor this Easter.

As Easter is just around the corner, we hope these 5 decor trends for this Easter holiday will give you inspiration to get creative and focus on details to create a magical experience and add some Easter vibes in your home interior.

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