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Spring Interior Trends

Spring Interior Trends Mood board for the year 2023

With spring season approaching, we are starting to switch out our winter boots to some light spring footwear, which also gives us the perfect excuse to revamp our homes. We have gathered 5 of the top interior trends for this years' Spring season - bold colors, textures, funky design elements, and unique, memorable finds, with a few subtle, neutral accents mixed in. Keep on reading to find out more about the trends and get inspired along the way!  

Orange retro inspired interior mood board
Let's start the list by mentioning one of the most influential decades for interior design - the 1970's retro era. An interior trend full of character, where color meets texture and fun geometric shapes. However, a decor element from the 70's that stand out so firmly is a graphic or patterned 70's retro wallpaper. Whether you want to fully embrace the trend or introduce it in small doses, we will show you how we style our retro wall paper, which will definitely help you create your own groovy space. 
To incorporate seventies chic into the space, we wanted the focus to be on our retro pattern wallpaper - Pop Art Style Wallpaper design, paired with lots of texture and colors. The geometric shapes are the key elements here, which is what the style is all about, therefore, do not be afraid to bring in funky elements in bright colors, as it will all pair perfectly together with the black vintage - black and white geometric shaped wallpaper. For textured elements, we chose this burnt orange leather sofa with a green velvet cushion. And to top it all off, we love to add the famous Flowerpot lamps to our interior mood boards, as they are a timeless, classic piece and they enhance any space with a pop of color. If you love the idea of incorporating 70s wallpaper patterns into your home interior, the you should definitely visit our Vintage and Retro Wallpaper collection to find your perfect vintage inspired wallpaper.



  1. Flowerpot VP7 Pendant | Finnish Design Shop
  2. Infinity Glass Side Table | Anthropologie
  3. Pop Art Style Removable Wallpaper | Livette's Wallpaper
  4. Torno Candle Set of 3 | Finnish Design Shop
  5. Flowerpot VP9 Portable Table Lamp | Finnish Design Shop
  6. Sabel Olive Cushion | Number 8 Shrewsbury
  7. Bahiia Rug | Kave Home
  8. Bowen Leather Sofa | Anthropologie   
Brown interior design with terracotta orange accent pieces

From dreamy, muted pinks and sky blues to chocolate browns and burnt terracotta orange, these color palettes can create a warm and calming atmosphere into your home, as they compliment other nature inspired tones, textures and materials. These colors draw inspiration from the outdoors and never fail to make an interior feel more homey.

Earth tones will never be complete with a touch of brown, which we chose to showcase a lot in this trends' mood board. Brown is a very comforting color and it is also very elegant. For contrast, we chose our Modern Plaid Print Wallpaper design in this burnt orange color, which we wanted to pair together with a soft velvet sofa in the same shade. As everything is kept in the same color palette, it is important to bring in different textures and materials such as natural wood finishes, muted linens and this Anthropologie leather twined jute rug for depth and dimension. Also, we would recommend adding plants to the space, to create a scheme that reminds one of the outdoors and livens up the room.



  1. Everly Pendant | McGee & Co
  2. Leather Hagen Dining Chair | Anthropologie
  3. Modern Plaid Print Removable Wallpaper | Livette's Wallpaper
  4. Yara Pillow Cover | McGee & Co 
  5. Murphy Silk Throw | McGee & Co
  6. Ruins Black Ceramic Sculptural Table Lamp | Crate & Barrel
  7. Caine Coffee Table | McGee & Co
  8. Leather-Twined Rug | Anthropologie
  9. Claude Cognac Velvet Sofa | CB2  
Coastal style mediterranean inspired blue interior


    You are probably familiar with this interior style - inspired by the travels of the Mediterranean coastline - bright white, the blues of the sea, sunshine yellow, leafy greens and natural elements that evoke seaside landscapes. So, why not incorporate a few elements into your own home to create a relaxing sanctuary filled with rich textures, bold colors and elements with a unique story. 

    The indoor-outdoor living concept blends the beautiful outdoors with the indoors and creates pockets of multifunctional spaces. The idea behind merging the indoor rooms with the outside is to help people connect with nature, which we wanted to showcase in our mood board, as well. We opted for our Blue and Yellow Tile Removable Wallpaper from our Modern Mediterranean Wallpaper Collection as the perfect decorative element to a minimalistic space. To highlight the mosaic tile inspired wallpaper, we chose different natural materials and textures, like this rattan dining chair from Anthropologie and a handwoven natural jute rug. And last but not least, adding a few final touches, like this cobalt blue throw pillow and a white outdoor side table; and we have ourselves a retreat at home.



    1. Veranda Woven Pendant | McGee & Co
    2. Pari Rattan Chair | Anthropologie
    3. Blue and Yellow Tile Removable Wallpaper | Livette's Wallpaper  
    4. Flat-Weave Blue Outdoor Throw Pillow | CB2
    5. Pols Potten Drink Glass Set of 2 | Arket
    6. Braxton Outdoor Side Table | McGee & Co
    7. Eternal Round Jute Rug | Ferm Living
    8. Hetki Ottoman | Finnish Design Shop

     neutral interior design with wooden elements  

    With nature blooming and spring finally being here, this is your opportunity to bring in the great outdoors inside your home! This particular trend is inspired by the beauty of nature and everything that it provides - botanicals; natural, organic elements and design pieces; materials that are raw, porous, with imperfect character. All of these details are important to create a space that feels welcoming and peaceful.
    For the nature inspired spring interior, we chose our Green Color Palm Leaves design wallpaper in Olive & White, which ties in perfectly with the natural elements of the interior, like the wooden console table and rattan pendant lamp. We recommend choosing sustainable materials to achieve the look, as not only will this give your space a very homey, lived-in feel, but will also minimize the impact on the planet. For decorating, we chose this antique brass finish arched mirror, which works best placed opposite a window to reflect the natural light throughout the space. Another great way to bring in nature is to fill in your beautiful ceramic or natural stone vases with decorative branches or seasonal greenery.   



    1. Woven Rattan Pendant | McGee & Co
    2. Wooden Stool | Zara Home
    3. Green Color Palm Leaves Design Wallpaper | Livette's Wallpaper 
    4. Wylie Arched Mirror | McGee & Co
    5. Matson Handwoven Jute Rug | McGee & Co
    6. Brown Long Necked Vase | McGee & Co
    7. Isaiah Vase | McGee & Co
    8. Sullivan Reclaimed Wood Console Table | Anthropologie 

    green interior design living room with black accent pieces

    And lastly, we just wanted to share the top color of the season - green! A favorite amongst the design world, because of how versatile it is and truly the perfect background color for those who love mixing and playing with colors. This means that even if you are opting for a monochromatic green scheme, a pop of any color won't look out of place and instead will look fresh and natural.
    We wanted to showcase how we would recreate an olive green living room idea with an accent wallpaper in this subtle green and white houndstooth pattern, which will perfectly complement neutral or wooden furniture, or highlight a traditional feature in the room, creating a wonderful mix of the old and the new. The dark green peel and stick wallpaper - Green Classic Houndstooth Wallpaper design is a timeless piece and will be the perfect backdrop for recreating the trendy and timeless green color living room ideas for your home. For more green accent wall living room ideas head over to our Green Wallpaper collection and choose your favorite! We chose different black and white pieces to complement the sophisticated pattern of the wallpaper and to not overpower the whole look. However, to keep everything in theme, we added this different shades of green carpet and a textured velvet chair with dark wooden legs, as an accent piece. 



    1. Semi Pendant 47 cm | Finnish Design Shop
    2. Conical Wine Glass With Lines | Zara Home
    3. Green Classic Houndstooth Removable Wallpaper | Livette's Wallpaper
    4. Stoneware Vase | H&M Home
    5. Throw Pillow Cover With Piping | Zara Home
    6. Stripes Horizontal Rug | Finnish Design Shop
    7. Jeanette Table | Kave Home
      1. Ark Journal | Finnish Design Shop 
        We hope that you enjoyed our roundup of this years' Spring Top Trends and hopefully you got inspired to incorporate some of the pieces in your own home to brighten your mood! Also, we would like to know which trend was your favorite - let us know in the comments below!


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