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Best DIY Fabric Projects

Best DIY Fabric Projects

There are countless options where to use gorgeous printed fabric in interior design to create a unique and unexpected interior detail. As we recently have introduced our new exclusive fabric product at our online fabric store section, we wanted to bring some inspiration in this blog post on DIY fabric projects to create unique home pieces. Read further to inspire from these 6 different home DIY fabric projects that can be made in different available fabric materials such as linen fabric, velvet fabric, cotton fabric and polyester fabric in different pattern designs and colors to choose from.


Cushion Covers

Pink Leopard Design Fabric Print Cushion Covers

Colorful, patterned cushion covers can add that pop of color and eye-catching detail in a living room or bedroom interior. If you love to incorporate unique interior pieces in your home then creating your own cushion cover in the fabric print and color combination of your choice can give you that original piece you were looking for. If a fun and pink pattern is in your style, you might love the Pink Leopard Design Printed Fabric from the Shop All Fabric Prints And Designs collection as seen in the photo above. For an even more interesting look, pick multiple different fabrics to create a fun and colorful look.



Neutral Granny Chic Design Printed Fabric Lampshade Design

If you have an old and plain lampshade at home that is just asking for a new and fresh make-over, giving the shade a new cover with the custom fabric print design of your choice can bring the lampshade to life with a unique look. Add a blooming vintage character to your lampshade with the Neutral Granny Chic Design Printed Fabric from the Shop All Fabric Prints And Designs collection as seen in the photo above for a neutral and delicate look. For more tips on how to create a lampshade at home, visit Weekend Wallpaper DIY | Wallpaper Lamp Shade and get inspired to create a similar look with printed fabrics.



Blue Paintbrush Maze Design Printed Fabric Tablecloth

An easy DIY fabric project to tackle during a weekend is creating an eye-catching tablecloth with luxury fabrics. Dazzle your family and guests with a unique, colorful table cloth in a pattern and color of your choice for dinner parties and family evenings. As blue tones are in style this year, perhaps the Blue Paintbrush Maze Design Printed Fabric from the Shop All Fabric Prints And Designs collection is just for you. Choose the interior fabric of your choice to match the style you would like to create such as a soft velvety fabric, quality linen fabric or other to give your kitchen or dining room a luxurious and unexpected detail.



Neutral Color London Metro Lines Design Printed Fabric Curtain

Curtains do not always need to be simple and in one color. Colorful curtain fabric with a pattern can add another layer to the interior, add texture and play around with the wallpaper in a dazzling way. Whether you love a romantic floral look, a more minimalistic and elegant or an edgy design for an eclectic style, it is always suggested to firstly order pattern fabric samples to check the pattern, color combination and the fabric material in the interior light and see how it goes with the specific interior style. Perhaps you enjoy an eye-catching pattern in neutral tones such as the Neutral Color London Metro Lines Design Printed Fabric from the Shop All Fabric Prints And Designs collection seen in the photo above? 

Furthermore, the length of the curtains can also determine the look. Therefore when you are choosing the necessary amount of the fabric by the yard, for a more romantic look, opt for having the curtain length puddle on the ground. However for a more cleaner look, have the curtains in length that graze the floor.


Dog Bed

Cheetah Print Printed Fabric Dog Bed

If you have a cute four-legged member of the family at home and you are an interior design lover, you might find it a challenge to find a dog bed that suits the interior style, is comfortable and functional to be easily cleaned. Creating a dog bed cover in a pattern and colors that suit your interior style can be the ideal solution. Not only can you update the comfy pet's bed in a cozy home textiles fabric material and pattern, but it can allow you to easily wash the bed cover when needed. In the photo above we can see an example of a dog bed cover with the Cheetah Print Printed Fabric from the Shop All Fabric Prints And Designs collection. As most of the fabric designs are available to order in custom colors, you can create a custom fabric printing design that will suit your interior style. 


Linen Robe

Japandi Style Pigeon Design Printed Fabric Linen Robe

Oh how nice it is to snuggle in a linen robe after a bath or during a colder evening at home. And if you follow the fashion trends and love unique patterns and color combinations, you might love the idea of creating a luxurious printed linen robe in an individual design with a custom printed fabric. For a dreamy style, the gorgeous bird pattern linen fabric by the yard - Japandi Style Pigeon Design Printed Fabric as seen in the photo above, might grab your attention. Go to Shop All Fabric Prints And Designs collection to find the fashion fabric pattern of your choice and in your favorite custom print fabric colors to tackle this charming DIY fabric project over the weekend.

We hope this blog post showing different DIY fabric projects will give you inspiration for a creative weekend project to create a unique home interior decor piece or a fabulous and fashionable home loungewear piece at home such as a gorgeous linen robe in a dazzling and unique design. Check out all the available fabric online by yard at  Shop All Fabric Prints And Designs.

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