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Best Kitchen Backsplash Designs For Every Style

Best Kitchen Backsplash Designs For Every Style

If you live in a rental space and the kitchen feels a little plain or the kitchen backsplash seems outdated and just begging for an update, peel and stick kitchen backsplash can be a perfect solution to add some cheerful pattern and color to the interior and give a completely new and fresh kitchen backsplash look. Stick on tile backsplash can not only be a great solution for rental space interior updates, but also an eye-catching way to give your kitchen a new and modern look. If you are looking for kitchen backsplash ideas that are easy to install, read further to inspire from different kitchen backsplash design ideas and how peel and stick backsplash can add a cheerful and welcoming detail to the kitchen interior.


Tiles Design Backsplash

Elegant Neutral Tiles Design Backsplash

Tiles can be a classic and timeless interior backsplash look. However, if you are looking for kitchen tile backsplash ideas then patterned tile backsplash that is easy to install can be an efficient choice. To give the kitchen tile backsplash a more eye-catching pattern, the decorative tile backsplash - Elegant Neutral Tiles Design Backsplash from the Tiles Backsplash Collection can create gorgeous backsplash tiles for kitchen look in a warm and neutral color palette.

Light Coral Color Tiles Backsplash

However, if you would like to add some unexpected splash of color to your kitchen interior with backsplash tiles, the Light Coral Color Tiles Backsplash from the Tiles Backsplash Collection as seen in the photo above can be a colorful kitchen backsplash tile choice. If the kitchen in your rental space already has tiles, you can install the peel and stick backsplash in your favorite design and custom colors for a completely new and unique tile backsplash look.


Modern Design Backsplash

Blue Drawing Lines Print Backsplash

Blue tones are a trendy choice this year. And if you love the calm and serene color tones but want to keep the design light and are looking for modern kitchen backsplash ideas, the Blue Drawing Lines Print Backsplash from the Modern Backsplash Collection could be a gorgeous option. Stripes are another trend in interior design for this year, therefore, the modern kitchen backsplash seen above can be a gorgeous option for an unexpected striped modern backsplash look that can be a suitable choice as a coastal kitchen backsplash as well.

Bold Leopard Design Backsplash

For a bolder, darker and dazzling kitchen look, add an eye-catching modern backsplash for dark countertops as the Bold Leopard Design Backsplash from the Modern Backsplash Collection seen in the photo above. The fun backsplash pattern can add a wow factor decorative kitchen backsplash detail that will definitely add a strong character to the interior and leave an impression. Check out more modern peel and stick backsplash options in our Modern Backsplash Collection to give your kitchen a bright and daring detail.


Farmhouse Design Backsplash

Windy Botanical Foliage Backsplash

If you interior style is the soft and warm farmhouse style and you are looking for farmhouse kitchen backsplash ideas then the farmhouse backsplash - Windy Botanical Foliage Backsplash from the Farmhouse & Country Backsplash Collection seen in the photo above can be a delicate, modern farmhouse backsplash choice for a light and welcoming kitchen interior. Most of our designs are available to order in custom colors, therefore, you can create a farmhouse kitchen backsplash in a color of your choice.

Pine Green Toile Print Backsplash

The rich and luxurious dark green can be a gorgeous color choice for French country decor lovers. And if you are looking for a dazzling, modern farmhouse kitchen backsplash or french country kitchen backsplash, then the Pine Green Toile Print Backsplash from the Farmhouse & Country Backsplash Collection seen in the photo above can create a beautiful, floral and stylish look in your farmhouse kitchen interior. We love the blooming green backsplash for country kitchen combination with a light countertop and gold details that together creates a luxurious and dreamy kitchen interior look. 


Marble & Stone Design Backsplash

Neutral Agate Print Backsplash

Marble and stone designs might be one of the most popular and luxurious choices for a kitchen backsplash and countertops. As marble or stone is definitely not the cheapest material option to choose from, a stone peel and stick backsplash that is easy to install, especially in a rental space, can create the luxurious look without purchasing the expensive materials. In the photo above we can see one of the marble kitchen backsplash designs available - Neutral Agate Print Backsplash from the Marble And Stone Backsplash collection.

Geometric Blue Marble Design Backsplash

For a more eye-catching marble backsplash with a pop of color, the marble peel and stick backsplash - Geometric Blue Marble Design Backsplash from the Marble And Stone Backsplash collection will add a beautiful and unexpected detail to the kitchen design. If you love a gorgeous, deep blue tone then the marble backsplash for kitchen in a geometric design, combining the rich color with a neutral warm base can create a balanced yet striking kitchen backsplash look that can work with both light and darker countertops.


Herringbone Design Backsplash

Delicate Herringbone Print Backsplash

The delicate herringbone print design is definitely one of the most popular patterns. As it is an elegant black & white design, it is not a surprise that the pattern can be used almost in any interior and add a soft yet eye-catching and timeless look. A herringbone pattern backsplash can work well in different kitchen styles and match well with different kitchen countertops, creating a tasteful and stylish design. The Delicate Herringbone Print Backsplash from the Herringbone And Chevron Backsplash collection as seen in the photo above, is an ideal peel and stick herringbone backsplash for a minimalistic look. For other herringbone kitchen backsplash design visit Herringbone And Chevron Backsplash collection and find your favorite herringbone backsplash.

Scandinavian Chevron Design Backsplash

Another modern and simply elegant design for the kitchen is a chevron tile backsplash. The modern chevron backsplash - Scandinavian Chevron Design Backsplash from the Herringbone And Chevron Backsplash collection is a chic and eye-catching chevron backsplash design choice. Taking the herringbone pattern to another level, the chevron kitchen backsplash adds a geometrical tiled look and a modern black & white character to the kitchen interior. Visit Herringbone And Chevron Backsplash collection to browse more chevron kitchen backsplash design options in custom colors.


Floral Design Backsplash

Soft Color Vintage Floral Backsplash

A blooming floral pattern can add a soft and gentle touch to any interior. And if you are looking to give your kitchen interior a delicate touch with a botanical pattern and some pop of color, then flower backsplash is a gorgeous choice. The floral peel and stick backsplash - Soft Color Vintage Floral Backsplash from the Floral Backsplash Collection that we can see in the photo above, adds an eye-catching flower pattern in a neutral color palette - ideal for those that love a floral meadow pattern but want to keep the kitchen design more simplistic and in a neutral color palette.

Colorful Floral Design Backsplash

However, if colorful patterns are in your style, then the floral backsplash - Colorful Floral Design Backsplash from the Floral Backsplash Collection seen in the photo above can create an enchanting and joyful blooming kitchen backsplash look. For more different floral backsplash and flower tile backsplash designs visit Floral Backsplash Collection and choose your ideal design and custom color to make your kitchen backsplash bloom.

We hope this blog post gives you inspiration on different ways of how to give your kitchen a new and fresh look by adding a gorgeous design peel and stick kitchen backsplash. Visit the different kitchen backsplash design collections seen above or go to Peel And Stick Backsplash - All Designs to browse through all of the styles to find your favorite one.

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