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Wallpaper Trends of 2024

Wallpaper Trends Of 2024
Every year comes with new trends in interior design. And if you love to follow what the new year is bringing in this exciting interior design world and are planning for a home make-over project with wallpaper, then this blog post will be just for you. We can already see the new trends in colors, decor and shapes taking over the interior design world, but what will this year bring to wallpapering projects? Read further to find out the wallpaper trends of 2024 and inspire from 8 trendy wallpaper ideas that might give you new ideas for an upcoming wallpaper project.

Colors Of The Year

Wildflower Foliage Peach Fuzz Color Wallpaper For Nursery

If you follow the trends in colors of the year, you might have noticed the rising popularity in Peach Fuzz that was announced as the color of the year of 2024. The velvety, soft and nurturing color that gives a sense of youth can be a perfect color choice for a nursery or kids room if you are planning for some interior make-over. As most of the wallpaper designs available at Livette's Wallpaper are available to order in custom colors, we have colored the popular nursery wallpaper pattern - Wildflower Foliage Removable Wallpaper For Kids Room from the Floral, Botanical & Woodland Kids Wallpaper collection in custom color - Peach Fuzz to give an idea of how the gentle color tone suits in a dreamy nursery or kids room design.

Blue Plaid Wallpaper Kids Room

Some other colors that you might have noticed that are gaining popularity and becoming more and more trendy are different shades of blue. Starting from the light and airy color that sets somewhere between denim blue and gray - Upward that was announced as the color of the year by Sherwin Williams to the daring and elegant color - Blue Nova that was announced as the color of the year by Benjamin Moore. If you love the beautiful tones of blue, then the dreamy blue kids room project by Andrea that we can see in the photo above might give you a gorgeous kids room inspiration. In the blue themed kids room Andrea has used the Modern Sage Green Plaid Removable Wallpaper from the Plaid Wallpaper collection in custom color - Windy to create an eye-catching and cute accent wall.

If you would like to learn more about the colors of the year and our patterns of the year and how you can create the perfect combination of both, visit our recently added Pattern Of The Year 2024 blog post.



Stripe Wallpaper Parisian Chic Interior

One of the trends in wallpaper this year is stripes. Giving a bold and eye-catching wall covering but in an elegant manner, stripes can definitely give the interior a dazzling character. If you are looking for a chic striped look inspiration, the Parisian chic interior project by suzannetanascaux.com definitely showcases the unique and stylish look with the Black & White Bold Diagonal Lines Removable Wallpaper from the Stripe Wallpaper collection. To gain some more interior design inspiration with striped wallpaper for a Parisian chic style, visit the Bold Parisian Apartment Home Tour blog post.



Oversized Geometric Wall Mural

Another daring and gorgeous trend in the wallpaper world this year is the oversized bold wall mural design. If you love a large pattern design then Wall Murals can definitely be something to consider for your next wallpaper project. For a colorful and lively kids room inspiration, in the photo above we can see the bright kids room project by Thomas. We love how the Bright Matisse Bricks Wall Mural from the Colorful Wall Mural collection gives a unique wow-factor look in this project that could as well be a perfect choice as a preschool playroom kids wallpaper.


Blue Sardine Kids Room Wallpaper

If you love the idea of incorporating a colorful pattern wallpaper in the interior but less is more concept is more in your style then this wallpaper trend could be the right inspiration for you. Applying eye-catching wallpaper in wall paneling can create a gorgeous picture perfect look, that can allow you to install a fun and eye-catching wallpaper design without having to cover a full wall. In the photo above we can see the cute Blue Sardines Kids Room Wallpaper from the Ocean Inspired Kid's Room Wallpaper collection.


Wallpaper In Bathrooms

Plaid Design Wallpaper Bathroom Interior

Installing wallpaper in bathrooms and powder rooms has been popular for a while now and the trend is here to stay. Applying wallpaper in a bathroom can create a more welcoming and pleasant atmosphere in the interior. For a brighter and airy look, choosing a lighter Bathroom & Powder Room Wallpaper can be the right choice. However, to create a bolder, darker and more intimate setting, choosing a darker design is the perfect choice. However, if you are looking to create the perfect balance, the bathroom project by Amara with the Classic Neutral Plaid Design Removable Wallpaper from the Plaid Wallpaper collection could give you the inspiration you were looking for.


Whimsical Florals

Pink Exotic Garden Removable Wallpaper

Florals can give a soft, elegant and blooming look in any interior. This year it is all about daring, bold and whimsical floral wallpaper looks that create the wow-factor. If you love an exotic floral look and are looking for a dazzling floral wallpaper design, then the Pink Exotic Garden Print Wallpaper from the Mama Africa Collection could be a gorgeous choice for a lively living room accent wall, bold bathroom or powder room design or as an eye-catching detail in other spaces.


Accent Wall 

Modern Delicate Herringbone Wallpaper Kids Room Accent Wall

Another trend that has been popular for a while and is here to stay is the wallpaper accent wall. It is a perfect solution for those who want to apply wallpaper, but do not want to cover all walls in a room. In this case it is important to choose the right wall, as in most cases it would be the wall that you would look at first when entering the room or the wall that has the accent features. In the photo above we can see a light and beautiful kids room interior project by Danielle with the popular wallpaper design - Modern Delicate Herringbone Removable Wallpaper from the Minimal Wallpaper collection. 

If you would like to learn more about creating an accent wall, visit Which Wall Should Be An Accent Wall? blog post. 


Matching Wallpaper To Interior Fabrics

Wildflower Foliage Pattern Wallpaper And Cushion Cover

A unique trend that can give a beautiful and unexpected detail in your interior is matching wallpaper pattern with fabric. Our recently added new products - Fabric Print And Designs allows to create different interior decors like curtains, cushion cover, table cloths and more in different fabric materials. In the photo above we can see an example of the Wildflower Foliage Removable Wallpaper For Kids Room from the Floral, Botanical & Woodland Kids Wallpaper collection in reverse colors with a matched cushion cover with Wildflower Foliage Printed Fabric. Go to Shop All Fabric Prints And Designs to find your perfect fabric design to match your interior. And if the choices on what wall ideas to achieve are becoming harder and harder, we believe that our Bestsellers will just help you finalize which cool peel and stick wallpaper to go for.

We hope this blog post gives you plenty of inspiration to plan and create your dream interior design with trendy wallpaper in your favorite colors and a matching fabric pattern for a unique and eye-catching detail.

Livette's Wallpaper Blogger Ginta

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