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Wallpapering Tips For Small Rooms

Wallpapering tips for small rooms
It can feel like a challenge when we think of designing a smaller room. While larger rooms could give us more options to choose from, smaller rooms can allow us to be bolder, think creatively and add some personality. To make the room feel more exciting, wallpapering it with a fun pattern and colors can be the right choice. To help you with some inspiration if planning to design a small room, here will be four wallpapering tips for small rooms.

Large Patterns

London metro lines white and black wallpapering tips for small rooms

It is thought that large patterns can overwhelm a smaller room, however, it is quite the opposite as wallpaper chosen in larger patterns can actually make the room appear wider. Repeat patterns overall can create an illusion of making something look larger than it actually is. Not only can you make the room look visually bigger by using large patterns, it can add a more expensive feel. As seen in the photo above Jacy Painter Kelly Interiors has done an amazing job by adding personality to the bathroom with the London Metro Lines Removable Wallpaper. Covering only one wall can often make the room look smaller. Make sure to cover all of the walls with a large pattern wallpaper, as it will not break up the room with different colors and will expand its size.

Wallpapering Ceilings

Modern herringbone wallpaper in contemporary interior wallpapering tips for small rooms
Wallpapering ceilings has become more popular over the past years and 2023 could be the year making it a trend. Not only will wallpapering ceilings add personality and a memorable, eye-catching detail to the room as this Simple Herringbone Removable Wallpaper In Black seen in the photo above, but it also can visually expand its size. It is a bold and creative choice to make plain white painted ceilings turn into the fifth wall, creating more space and adding a dash of originality. And, more wallpapers like this one can be found in our Scandi & Japandi wallpaper collection. Make sure to visit this collection for more wallpaper project ideas.

Going For Bold Designs

Paintbrush maze wallpapering tips for small rooms wallpapering tips for small rooms
Bold, colorful and patterned designs can add a touch of drama, brightness and fun. Especially when we think about smaller rooms such as bathrooms, we want it to feel warm, luxurious and have a sense of intimacy. Adding a colorful wallpaper in your bathroom can not only make it more welcoming, but again make it look luxurious as well. Adding color and pattern to your bathroom as Anna has beautifully done by using the Neutral Paintbrush Maze Removable Wallpaper in the photo above can make it look warmer and wider. If we might not feel safe enough to cover a larger room with a bold design wallpaper, than having it in a smaller room, will feel just right.

Eye Catching Murals

Wallpaper mural wallpapering tips for small rooms
Murals are another great option to create an illusion of more space in a small room. They can create a sense of wide-open space and make the room a work or art. Choosing wall murals can make the small room feel cozier and give a homely atmosphere. Make your small room bloom with floral design murals or create a sense of depth and movement by choosing a geometric design as Kristeena has done by using the Line Art Wall Mural in the project above.


We hope these four tips for wallpapering small rooms will give you inspiration and have introduced you to the idea of choosing bolder wallpaper or murals to cover your smaller room walls and add the wow factor.

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