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One Room Challenge Week 6 - Scandinavian greenhouse inspired office kitchen reveal

White office kitchen with hexagon mirrors and fresh herbs next to farmhouse sink
The moment we all have been waiting for is finally here and we are super excited to share with you our One Room Challenge Scandinavian greenhouse inspired office kitchen remodel! We have worked very hard these past 6 weeks to complete this room in time for the final reveal and with lots and lots of positive vibes, we've made it happen. Browse through this post to see how we've done! 
Modern retro kitchen with white cabinets, plants and pink retro fridge
I chose the color palette for the kitchen [and whole Livette's studio] in mainly white, grey and black colors as Scandinavian is my absolute fave design style and I tend to tire of colors quite quickly. Instead of using bold color splashes all over the place I opted for color injections here and there. The main complementing color being green [from the plants, of course] and the other, as you can see is light pink. I'm in love with this gorgeous little retro fridge we found for the fraction of a price of a Smeg one - I have linked it in our One Room Challenge Week 3 post here. 
As you can see we have our little kitchen garden set up on the kitchen counter - the aroma of the fresh herbs is amazing and makes the kitchen look very homey, don't you think? A little farmhouse vibe in the city.
The hexagon mirrors were actually custom made for this room, but I have found basically the same thing available in IKEA here. I think they add a lovely modern touch so the kitchen wouldn't look too farmhousy and coordinates colorwise perfectly with the vintage lion head shelf - another splendid find from a local deco store.
Vintage shelf with lion heads and patterned coffee cups
I feel this shelf is quite a bold statement piece on it's own so it's quite hard to decorate it, but white delicate things works very well. Ass you probably know, these huge tea cups are from H&M and they bring out a new design nearly every month, and they mix and match perfectly together for that eclectic look, or in our case - unique tea cup for everyone! 
Office kitchen coffee corner styling
Workday morning rituals begin though with my beloved Illy coffee and it tastes especially exceptional if you can enjoy it from a different espresso cup almost every day.. Perks of having cup collection! And that super cute porcelain milk jug is from H&M, too!
Bright white kitchen interior with oriental rug and plants
Oriental rugs are very on-trend right now and I was so happy to find one in just the right size AND in black and white colors! It is perfect for this kitchen interior as it stresses the vintage note and is subtle at the same time so becoming a timeless decor piece in my eyes. I think this rug could also worked very well creating a distressed look, or even this one for more of a modern touch.
IKEA Billy / Oxberg cabinet styling with dinnerware and plants
The IKEA Billy/Oxberg makeover has been another great success [apart from the painting mishaps]. I think that given it's minimal design this cabinet would look equally stunning even with bold jungle inspired wallpaper installed inside and clear glassware placed throughout, or with a minimal black and white wallpaper design and additional cactus and  succulent plants on every other shelf. Either way it is a perfect storage space for our dinnerware, glassware and props - when you have beautiful glasses, tea cups and plates, it is a crime to hide them in the kitchen cabinets! 
Office kitchen design with black and white cabinets, marble countertop and greenery garden
Greenery kitchen interior design
I feel though there is still a lot of place left for all my future plant purchases, especially tropical ones and some more white blooms. The azaleas are my favourites at the moment, but requires a lot of attention as too much sunlight dries them out very quickly, so the window needs to be open at all times and they must be watered every day if not even twice a day to maintain their beauty. But the romantic vibe they bring the to room is amazing, it really feels like a Scandi vintage greenhouse mix in here with the marble wallpaper [which will be available soon for purchase!], the glass and brass details, along with white decor pieces all around.. And in the image below you can finally see our fabulous garden dining table! I feel though that you cannot see it in it's full glory as it for some reason does not photograph as well as it should, but the pattern from the metal behind the glass top is simply beautiful and works in perfect harmony with every other decor piece. Overall dining area is very light and airy which is exactly what I was looking for, so the long dark months of winter and autumn would go buy much quicker - with positive energy and sense of nature around you. 
White marble kitchen interior with greenery and bubble chandelier
White kitchen with marble wallpaper and vintage greenhouse inspired interior design
The progress of our kitchen remodel as well as wallpaper install sneak peek can be found in the previous weeks posts listed below, and if you have any questions of where any of the items came from and if we can recommend something similar, don't be afraid to message us or leave a comment and see you again in the next ORC autumn edition!  ♡ 
One Room Challenge 2018 Guest Participant

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  • Dear Kim, thank you so much! More plants to come here later on for a complete indoor garden look. :)
    Btw, LOVE your ORC bathroom makeover!

    Livette's Wallpaper on
  • I love the black, white and green and all of the quirky little details that make the space. It really does have the feel of a greenhouse.

    Kim | Design Confetti on

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