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One Room Challenge - Week 2 | How to design a Boho Chic interior

Bohemian chic interior mood board, boho chic interior material board

So what is bohemian chic interior style?

Bohemian chic or specifically minimalist bohemian chic style is a styled mix of patterns, textures in combination with sleek and modern details for the more modern and sophisticated overall look. There are almost no rules, you can mix and match vintage with new, shabby with polished, faux with natural and find the right place for all of your travel gems or knick knacks that you are so passionate about. I believe this is the perfect style for artists that still love a little bit of accuracy and a look that's put together. After all there are still some common rules to follow when choosing this particular interior design style.

Bohemian luxe interior mood board

How to achieve the minimalist boho chic interior look?

Keep the base neutral

My first suggestion would be to keep the base colors neutral. When it comes to the color palette of the room white on white seems to be the most popular choice when you look up boho chic on Pinterest, however for those of us who are renters, this is not always an option. Sometimes you have to work with what you've got and it can be light brown shades + white, grey + taupe or neutrals in general. In this case, we have light grey walls {with a hint of blue in them} and a dark wood floor. Neutral base will allow you to have sophisticated vibe while giving the opportunity to splurge on decors yet keeping the final look of the room calm and suited for a work space.

Boho luxe interior design details with brass knobs, rattan rug and pampas grass, One room challenge 2018

Mix and match textures and patterns

Even though the final look will not be crazy bohemian, this is the most important step to follow. What can be more boring than a furniture that has the same material and finish on all of the pieces? This is definitely a big no for the boho chic interior style. What you want is a contrast between things to make the room more warm, cosy and inviting. For example, to tone down the dark wood floor that is popping too much against the light grey walls, I have chosen to have mostly white furniture, with cane chair as an accent piece and rattan decor elements for extra warmth and texture. Sheer linen curtains and white sheepskin rugs are all natural elements that works perfectly with boho luxe ideology, and when you tie in brass details with a bit of crystals or natural precious rocks - you have the perfect luxurious bohemian vibe.

Minimalist bohemian interior with white sheepskin rug and gold decors

Think layers & layer
Most common trend for the last couple of  years - layered rugs. They work exceptionally well in bohemian interiors and options are endless. Mix fur with rattan or moroccan rug with something more geometric and sleek, or moroccan with moroccan. Anything goes! And remember about the layers on sofa or lounge chairs. No one leaves them plain anymore. Use lots of different styled cushions, remember about that beautifully placed plaid on the armrest and maybe that sheepskin might look better on the chair than on the floor? Use your imagination and design the ultimate cosy corner to read a book or entertain your guests. Dare to think outside the box!


Boho luxe interior design, One Room Challenge 2018

How to choose the colour and texture palette?

As we already have the colours for the walls and floors, I chose to make this room feel lighter and brighter in every way possible with choosing light wood, rattan and white pieces. Firstly, the final look of course will have a very feminine vibe, secondly, I feel my best in light spaces and as all white is not an option, this seemed to be the second best thing on how to incorporate favourite color into this space.
As I am not all marble & velvet kinda gal, for the decor elements I chose to have brass {simply as it works perfect in combination with grey & silver} and concrete accents. I think the contrast of femininity of brass & roughness of concrete is just so organic and sits very well with my personal style. White porcelain vases and tableware will add an artistic touch and yet another texture to the interior. 
Darker grey colour will also be added to the palette and serve as another layer as it will be found in the Grey Peony removable wallpaper and the accent cabinet painted to fit with the darkest grey shade of the wallpaper. To finish off the boho chic look, greenery, succulents and cacti will be added for a positive energy and to serve as the element of nature - another common rule found it bohemian style interiors.
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