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One Room Challenge 2018 Week 2: Kitchen plan and design details

Hi, guys! It's hard to believe that week 2 of One Room Challenge is already here! In case you missed our first week's post, here's a link to our ORC 2018 challenge - office kitchen design.
Long story short, this spring we are finally designing Livette's office kitchen! The concept of the interior is vintage greenhouse inspired look mixed with Scandinavian chic. So lots of black and white, brass details & marble meets rustic metal, numerous leafy plants and glass decors. 
One Room Challenge 2018, office kitchen floor plan and design concept
Before I dig into details, I wanted to share with you a quick floor plan to understand the space that we are working with. Since we are located on two levels, the walls have been painted a very light grey shade since last May, when we moved in. Given that we are a rather small company and (thanks to all of you lovely people who like our wallpaper designs!) have very much work to do on a daily basis, the top level kitchen was used as a storage for this whole time - after all, we did have a kitchen downstairs! And because of this we do not have a lot of pictures of the 'before' but will include a lot of 'after' ones.
Basically our kitchen space is 10 sq m (107 sq ft) large and is in a rectangular shape. As this is an office kitchen, there will not be any need for cooking etc, therefore I opted for a long counter with 2 kitchen cabinets & 4 doors. It gives enough space on top of the counter to install a sink and find a space for our Illy coffee machine (LOVE this brand's coffee), tea kettle and, of course, some plants. The surface of the kitchen counter will be marble as you can see in the image below. Though it is faux marble, as this is a kitchen makeover on a budget, it looks absolutely stunning, with a slightly glossy finish and a very large scale pattern.
In the background there you can see a little sneak peek of the kitchen rug - I am lusting over area rugs lately so much, they are literally in every room of my house! So it seemed logical to add one in the office kitchen as well, to make it seem even more like home. But more of that will be revealed later on in the series!
Marble kitchen counter in Scandinavian design kitchen
Kitchen cabinets are white, inspired by minimal Scandinavian kitchen settings, but to add a bit of sass, we will be installing these gorgeous brass cabinet handles which I found on Superfront website. These guys have so many lovely handle designs, it is very hard to choose just one! 
Holy wafer handles for kitchen cabinets
As 2 of the kitchen cabinets are taken up by sink, trash can, cleaning tools and other things of that kind, I was left with 2 cabinets, one of which will hold a small oven, dinnerware and other kitchen things that need to be hidden from the view, I have planned a space for another cabinet on the adjacent wall, inspired very much by the image below.
Chic kitchen storage idea, white cabinet with white dinnerware and clear glass decors
I had planned to scout for a vintage one at the local thrift stores, but I had absolutely no luck finding one that would both fit the space & had glass doors. So, IKEA to the rescue! I actually found this BILLY / OXBERG bookcase might even be a better fit, as it will add a bit of modern touch to the kitchen and refreshen all the 'vintage' that will be going on. Plus it will be an a statement piece by itself as the cabinet doors will be painted black to stand out even more, and it will hold several black design & kitchenware pieces to contrast with the white backdrop.
Last but not least, the dining area will consist of two vintage chairs that will be upcycled and painted white (I actually have these on hand for more than a year & am glad they have finally found their place) and two ghost chairs, so the small kitchen space doesn't get packed up too much. The dining table as well as glass chandelier above it is very airy, which will let light through and make the kitchen visually even brighter.
Ghost chair mismatch in white Parisian style interior
Image above illustrates the idea of mismatched chairs, which I am totally in love with and as you know will be using in our office kitchen as well. The ghost chairs are exactly like the one on the left and instead of the Eams chairs, I will have my white upcycled ones around a round vintage dining table, inspired by Bourne & Hollingsworth buildings restaurant in London, UK. 
4 weeks of the One Room Challenge 2018 to go and next week the big renovating will finally begin! I have listed below the things that will need to be done until the grand finale on week 6, to help me keep on track:
  • Kitchen cabinets & counter  top installation + handles
  • IKEA cabinet upgrade + styling
  • Bubble chandelier DIY
  • Marble wall mural installation
  • Dining area styling
  • Planting
  • Final decor pieces & room styling
  • Big room reveal

It seems I will have a rather busy following 4 weeks of ORC, and will gladly keep you updated on Instagram and of course, One Room Challenge link up! Can't wait to see how this project turns out!  

Livettes wallpaper owner Liv 

One Room Challenge 2018 guest participant 


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