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Modern Bohemian Bedroom Reveal | One Room Challenge - Week 6

One room challenge 2019 guest participant
The final week of One Room Challenge is here and that can only mean one thing - it's time to reveal the finished bedroom interior! Scroll down to tour our jungle inspired modern boho master bedroom, and let us know in the comments if this design style agrees with you.
Boho bedroom decor, golden tassel on door knob
Ikea Kopardal bed in bohemian bedroom interior. White geometric bed linen with bohemian style throw pillows and black juju hat.
As two of the walls in this room was already with a light wood cladding and the floors have been chosen in a similar shade as well, we have chosen neutral color palette for this room to create a calm and soothing space. Black & white is always my go-to when it comes to interior. For this rental apartment I have chosen this as my base throughout and have implemented one accent color in each room. For the bedroom it happens to be green, as it works very well with the light wood creating sort of a jungle resort vibe. 
Modern minimal safari inspired boho bedroom interior. Neutral color palette bohemian bedroom interior with boho interior decor.
Given this is a rental apartment there were several things that were already here, for example the minimal white hanging lamps. We decided to leave it as it is as we have a large black spider lamp in our dining room area and so this theme runs throughout the apartment. To play with the existing white hanging lamps, we opted for this large Anglepoise inspired floor lamp as our night-light. It adds the needed whimsy and does to job as a reading light.
As I like to keep the spaces functional, I love to decorate my interiors with items that I actually use. Therefore a simple hat that was purchased on a trip in Sicily is now serving as a beautiful bedroom decor element, yet when the time comes to go abroad, it will definitely come along!
Bohemian bedroom decor, straw hats as interior decor.
The same idea was applied to the nightstand styling. We don't keep our phones or any other tech gadgets next to our bed during the night, therefore a simple ottoman can do the job of holding the books or a cup of tea, which also can serve as a beautiful interior decor! And I will not lie, I do judge a book by it's cover when I shop.. 
Minimal bohemian bedroom design. Black, white and neutrals color palette bedroom with black nightstand and green decor. One room challenge 2019.
A lot of items in our bedroom are travel collectibles, and books actually are one of my favourite travel gems. Such as this YSL book I bought when visiting Paris - it has such a beautiful design that it just cannot be stored tucked away in a bookshelf! 
Glam bohemian bedroom design with black sheepskin rug and tassel decor.
Another thing that I adore in interiors is texture play and I do believe it's a key when designing a bohemian inspired interior. Just pair rattan with sheepskin rug, oriental style frames with greenery and mix in different patterns for added impact, and voilà!
Modern safari inspired bohemian bedroom interior. Pattern mixing and large scale art in bedroom interior. One Room Challenge 2019.
Details in travel inspired bohemian bedroom interior. One Room Challenge.
Also, if you are renting and want to try something other than removable wallpaper, consider going for large scale art! Or simply play with geometric shapes in the room.. Just like we did with the large rectangular mirror in a beautifully textured frame paired with even larger framed Brush stroke wallpaper design from our Scandinavian wallpaper collection! It probably will not work in every space, but it is a good solution for living room interiors as it gives an artistic vibe and the large mirrors actually makes the room look larger than it is. 
One Room Challenge 2019, guest participant. Modern bohemian bedroom interior with african decor elements and black removable wallpaper.
This years One Room Challenge was more of a decorating adventure, as I worked with a base that was already there and planned the design as the weeks went by. Nothing was set in stone and there actually have been some changes since the beginning of the challenge. One of them was the decision not to wallpaper the wall behind the vanity as it may conflict with the cladding on the opposite side of the room. However as I definitely wanted to incorporate wallpaper somewhere, the plan of framed wallpaper was born! And i have to say, I love how it looks! 
Because of these little changes along the way, this ORC has been a wonderful 6 week interior design journey resulting in a very pleasing final look. Every time I walk in my new bedroom, I feel like I'm on a little vacation!

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  • Those planked walls make it look like that room goes on forever! Such a smart decision….and I love that tall block black and white block print!

    Lindsey @hilltown_house on
  • This combination of colors and textures speaks to my soul! I love the creative way you used the wallpaper. Functional and beautiful!

    Tricia on

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