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Which Wall Should Be An Accent Wall?

Tips and tricks on how to create an accent wall
An accent wall is an excellent addition to a room. It provides you with an opportunity to show off your style without overwhelming the space and making it feel too closed in. However, for the best results, it is necessary that you choose the right wall. Take a look at our tips below to feel confident in your decision.

Pick A Wall In A Neutral Room

First, it's important that the room in which you are planning on creating the accent wall has a fairly neutral decor before you get started. Having too many colors and patterns in one room will be too overwhelming. Also, the whole point of an accent wall is to add interest to an otherwise neutral space. As such, if you try to create an accent wall in a more busy room, the 'accent' is likely to get lost and your efforts will have been wasted.

The First Wall Rule

Generally speaking, an accent wall is usually the first one you see after you have entered a room. This is because it will draw the eye to the accent wall from the moment you walk through the door, and as such, it will make the most notable impact.

Avoid Rooms With Architectural Features

If you choose a room with a number of architectural features, such as fireplace, interesting built-in bookshelves, or a large mantel, they eye will be drawn to such architectural features rather than the accent wall. This will result in a confused look, so try to pick a fairly plain space, unless the architectural elements are in a neutral color palette, which would allow for the accent wall to shine.

Avoid Wall With Windows And Doors

For the first time wallpapering, it's important that you choose a wall that is solid. A wall with windows and doors will interrupt the accent wall and make it look confused. Solid walls tend to be those situated behind sofas or beds. It will also be much easier to install the wallpaper, so it's a win-win situation!
How to design an accent wall in your home

Pick A Wall That You Look At Frequently

It's a good idea to pick a wall that you regularly look at. At the end of the day, you're going to spend all of this effort and time creating an accent wall - you're going to want to make the most of it! This will also utilize the natural line of sight in the room and work to enhance it.

Consider Furnishings

Whilst it is quite normal to have sofa or bed against an accent wall, you don't want to have much more than that in front of it. If you add too many furnishings (mirrors, bookshelves, etc), it will hide the accent wall. As such, very little will be added to the room.

Consider The Ceiling

If you're struggling to find an appropriate wall for your accent wall, why not consider the ceiling? Admittedly, this style isn't for everyone. However wallpapering or painting the ceiling a different color can add a huge amount of style and coolness to a room. If you do so: there are a few general rules. If you paint the ceiling a lighter color, it will appear larger. If you paint it a darker color, it will appear more cozy.

Other Tips And Tricks

To have a truly successful accent wall, there are a few other things  you need to consider. Check out our favourite tips and tricks to ensure that you are happy with the end result.
Tips and tricks for neutral accent wall

Pick The Right Color

First of all, the color of an accent wall is important. Your home is unique. It should be a reflection of your personal style and your lifestyle. As such, don't rush when you are trying to find the perfect color for the accent wall. It is also important to remember that you can use color to make a room seem larger, smaller, cozier, brighter, etc. For instance, if you want your wall to appear longer, painting it a cool color such as green or blue will provide the illusion of a longer wall. If however, you are going for a cozy look, consider pairing dark colors for your walls. And finally, don't be afraid to go bold! Bold colors make for a very interesting and fun decor. The best accent walls are the ones that stand out significantly against the others, so don't be too subtle or the bold accent wall will be lost.

Consider Additional Decor

Whilst the large pieces of decor and furniture are important to consider, you should also remember that it is the small decorative items, such as artwork, frames, pictures, etc., that can really bring a room together. As such, before you paint your accent wall, you should always think about what you plan to put on that wall. If you have a piece of artwork that you want to display that has very bold colors, make sure that one of those colors matches the color of the accent wall.

Choose A Trusted Painter

Finally, it is of the utmost importance that you pick a painter that you trust. Whilst you can easily paint the wall yourself, if you are on a budget, we recommend that you pay for an experienced professional to do it for you. This is because the accent wall is going to be the part of the room that all eyes are drawn to. As such, you need it to be absolutely perfect! A professional painter will be able to give you the accent wall of your dreams. To ensure that you hire a professional who will do a good job, be sure to read reviews of their services online. Also, be certain that they are fully qualified for the job and that you feel comfortable with them in your home.


Decorating your space is a very exciting time. It's an opportunity to let your creative flare go whilst creating a space that is perfect for you in every way, shape and form. We hope that this article has inspired you to create the accent wall of your dreams! If our grey and white mural wallpaper has caught your eye and you would like to see more of this style wallpaper, visit our Grey Wall Murals collection. 


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