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What Color Walls Go With Brown Furniture

wall colors that go with brown furniture

Whilst brown furniture can sometimes get a bad reputation for being boring, it is actually such a versatile color. Not only does it evoke a feeling of calm and warmth inside the home, it also has a classic feel to it. Brown furniture is mainly used in the bedroom and living room due to it having a more natural look. However, whilst some people might cringe at the thought of ‘old fashioned’ brown furniture, for it to exude a bold statement, you need to pair it with a good wall color.

To create the perfect mood, and to make sure the brown furniture doesn’t look like it’s from a few decades ago, take a look at the list below to find the perfect color to team up with your home’s beautiful brown furniture.



beige wall mural living room interior

One of the best ways to make the most out of brown furniture is to team it with beige walls. Beige is like a lighter color of brown, so putting the light and dark together makes the eyes wander to the brown furniture. 
The neutral tones in beige basically act like a highlighter which compliments the undertones of the brown in wood, for example. Both being wonderful earthy tones just makes them suit each other so well. It’s also a nice safe option if you are worried about being too bold, but would like something that still feels a little cozy.
Wallpaper design pictured above: Watercolor Ombre Wall Mural



scandi style minimal wallpaper living room interior

Another safe option is white, and it works in a very similar way to beige. It is also a very neutral color, and the most at that! 
White  goes with any color of furniture, including white, so it is a good option if you want the brown furniture to really pop. If you are looking for your furniture to counteract with your walls, then white is a great option. It can create a modern room too, and works if you are after a minimalist or Scandinavian look.

Wallpaper design pictured above: Large Checkers Design Wallpaper



mint green wallpaper and brown furniture home office interior

If you are looking to add a bit of elegance to your home, then mint green and brown is an excellent choice. You do not need to hold back on the brown furniture either - the more the merrier! 
Placing a brown couch with a mint green statement wall will add lashings of organic and natural colors to the room. Team it with plants and you will have a peaceful room filled with nature. You can use both dark and light furniture for more layered look, but it has the biggest impact with dark brown wood.  

Wallpaper design pictured above: Minimal Mint Lines Wallpaper



light brown floral wallpaper entryway interior design

Speaking of the light and dark, let’s take a look at the different shades of brown. Did you know that even brown can go with brown? It’s a bold move, but light brown walls can fit perfectly alongside darker brown furniture. It has a certain elegance and warmth to it, and is great for those who want a bit of boho-chic inside their home. Plants are also a great thing to add here, as touches of green will blend in nicely. This also helps to avoid there being too much brown.  
Wallpaper design pictured above: Neutral Botanical Foliage Wallpaper


dark brown floral wallpaper bedroom interior

Dark brown can work well with dark furniture, but make sure you’re not using it on every wall. A statement wall of dark bowen can work wonders alongside a dark brown sofa for example. 
Adding accent pieces can really set off the colors, but it may take a bit of time to arrange things to make sure the room really pops. It's a bold move, but when done right, it will look fantastic.
Wallpaper design pictured above: Vintage Floral Design Wallpaper


light grey banana leaf wallpaper living room interior design

Gray is another one of those colors that can go with practically anything - and that includes brown. This neutral color is very popular at the moment for providing warmth without going for white. 
It is a stylish and modern color that when teamed up with brown can create a more rustic look. Light grey pattern wallpaper is a sophisticated choice when looking for gray living room decor ideas and would pair perfectly with other color decor pieces but especially would look rich when styled with brown furniture. Grey accent walls would also look good in a calm and relaxed room, so would be perfect for a bedroom or bathroom interior. If you are interested in seeing more gray wall decor ideas or gray wall wallpaper to match with your brown furniture, visit our Grey Wallpaper collection.
Wallpaper design pictured above: Light Grey Banana Leaf Wallpaper



blue wallpaper boys bedroom interior design

Because gray has undertones of blue, it is no surprise that blue actually works very well with brown. Also, just like the gray, it creates a wonderfully modern look but is much bolder. 
It works best with dark brown furniture, which only adds to the boldness. Whilst both together might feel cool, the brown actually warms up the room, providing lovely earthy tones overall. Also, what’s good about using the darker blue is that it can be both modern and traditional. This means you can use it whichever way you need!
Wallpaper design pictured above: Oversized Blue Herringbone Wallpaper



gold color palm leaves wallpaper bedroom interior design

Whilst you might not think of gold, it is a beautiful color to use and goes brilliantly with dark brown furniture. Whilst you might not want to use it on every wall, it does work well on an accent wall
It can look ultra glamorous, but also very modern, depending on how you dress the room. Adding in stylish features like lamps and rugs will give the living room a ‘straight out of an interior design book’ feel. It can also work if you want a rustic look. Add gold framed mirrors and specially picked out pieces to create something totally unique.
Wallpaper design pictured above: Golden Color Leaves Design Wallpaper


9. RED

red accent wall and brown furniture living room interior design

If you want to go really bold, then red is a great color to match with dark brown furniture. To avoid making your room look smaller if you plan to paint every wall, use a lighter shade of red and team this up with dark brown furniture, or vice versa - choose darker red shade and go with light brown furniture, as in the image above.

Wallpaper design pictured above: Zebra Rouge Wallpaper



orange wallpaper and brown furniture interior design

Another bold color is orange. It creates a very happy room, and works especially well with dark brown furniture - though it is best used as an accent wall. 
The contrast of bright and dark will give the room a relaxing feel. Placing a dark brown couch up to the orange wall will create a great modern look.

Wallpaper design pictured above: Chain Pattern Removable Wallpaper



Whilst brown furniture can be seen as boring, there are so many ways to dress it up using bright or neutral wall colors. These colors can change the look of the brown furniture too, helping to create a more modern living room, bedroom, or snug room. Make sure to share your thoughts and tips on how you would go about pairing brown furniture with different color walls, we'd love to know!


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