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Wabi Sabi - finding beauty in imperfection

Imagine waking up in the morning. Sun is shining and you get your favorite cup of coffee while sitting next to the open window. You notice that on some spots of your old chair paint has faded away. You don’t mind it.. Trough that you can feel it's true value - a natural material and beautiful texture. Can you imagine yourself looking on other daily things in the same way? Discoloration has not taken away its functions so why the majority of people see the imperfection as a flaw? Let's start seeing the true value through the absence of perfection! This is where lifestyle trend - Wabi Sabi will guide us.

Wabi Sabi elements in interior, white minimal interior, old wood furniture, wood accessories, photo by Paulina Arcklin

Wabi Sabi is a Japanese philosophy concept focused on accepting and embracing the imperfection details that surround us. It is all about finding beauty in something that is not flawless and forming a deep connection to nature while not forgetting about the simple pleasures of life. It reminds us to recognize the importance of authenticity in all aspects. 

Wabi sabi interior, minimal interior, woven baskets, woven accessories, marble pillow cases, minimal rug design

Wabi Sabi has a strong bond to earth and to materials that come from it. Lately, we can see many other interior design trends that rely on the use of natural materials such as wood and stone. It is possible to incorporate these materials no matter what kind of interior styles you prefer - nature is universal! 

Wabi Sabi, unique bowl, bronze vessel, timless design, product by wood&woven

One of the most important things is previously mentioned authenticity. You may consider to rather visit craft shows and independently-owned shops while searching for your design elements. Unique, handcrafted objects will always bring a fresh breeze into your home. For example here is a bronze vessel from Alexander Devol. The unusual texture and shape come from an Oak tree bowl which has left its marks as a reminder of its origins. Because of bowls beautiful imperfections it is a timeless interior accessory.   

Wabi Sabi elements in interior, handcrafted accessories, unique handcrafted cup

Once you have selected your design elements, it's very important to think about how you’ll put everything together. With Wabi Sabi simplicity is the main key. You’ll need to give these objects a space to shine and breath. Also, whenever possible, try to bring an element of nature into the room! 

Wabi Sabi interior, nature, bed, minimal interior, green plants in bedroom, bedroom interio

What are your thoughts on Wabi Sabi? Let's share ideas and places where to find unique handcrafted products. Leave a comment down below! Sharing is caring, my friends!

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