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Vintage inspired wall mural collections

We are so excited to finally share our first vintage-inspired, old wallpaper pattern wall mural collections with all of you. We have been working on them for a while and we are sure that you will be delighted by these carefully designed mural designs. See how our vintage wallpaper peel and stick mural came together and learn how to style them into your interior!

Vintage Woodland Collection

Vintage inspired woodland wall mural collection

The Vintage Woodland collection was inspired by the beautifully detailed vintage books illustrations, including vintage bird wallpaper patterns, botanical wall mural designs and more. We were amazed by thoughtfully illustrated forests, plants, and animals and decided to bring them to life by incorporating them into a unique design mural wallpapers. This vintage wall mural collection will bring a warm and peaceful nature vibe into your interior. Because of its fairytale origins, it is the perfect choice for nurseries and kid's room. Not only that, wallpaper murals for bedroom interiors are great choices when you want to create a statement without overpowering the interior, therefore, choose wall mural bedroom designs from our Bedroom Wall Murals collection. Style it with an earthly tone color scheme and textured fabrics to achieve a sophisticated yet welcoming look. Add simple style decors and accent pieces that will go hand in hand with the vintage vibe wallpaper. If this color palette, paired with a green forest wall mural design has caught your eye, visit our Green Wall Murals collection to reveal more designs like this one.

Vintage inspired woodland wall mural design

Vintage Woodland mural collection reflects the harmony and mystery of nature itself. The collection includes five different mural designs - each with its own story. See all five wall mural designs here.

Amsterdam Inspired Collection

Amsterdam inspired wall mural collection

The Amsterdam inspired mural wallpaper collection arrived just in time for those who wish to bring an elegant spring atmosphere in their home. Our inspiration for this collection came from the streets of Amsterdam and of course - gorgeous colorful tulip gardens. From simple and esthetic architecture drawings to beautiful and impressive tulip display - these mural wallpapers are the perfect choice for a girls bedroom or a modern living room with an elegant twist on it. How to style these wallpapers in your interior? Go for a light interior color scheme with metallic accents and decor. When it comes to colors of fabric - don't be too shy and use rich tulip tones that would compliment black and white wallpaper designs. 

Amsterdam inspired wall mural design    

Amsterdam inspired mural collection reveals the beauty of tulips and charming city architecture. The collection includes five various mural wallpaper designs. Take a look at them here.

Bohemian Jungle Collection

Bohemian jungle inspired wall mural collection

 Jungle Wall Mural collection has a special place in our hearts. This vintage tropical mural wallpaper collection reflects the beauty of the jungle and the power of simplicity. Combined in perfect harmony and ready to change your living space for good. Because of its aesthetic design, our palm trees murals will make any interior look stunning. If you are a true bohemian lover - style your interior with these murals and combine it with warm beige tones. For accents choose pattern designs like for example this Scandi-Boho style pillow cover. 

Bohemian jungle inspired wall mural collection design
Jungle tropical wall murals wallpaper designs will help you to entirely transform your interior and achieve that true boho feeling in your home. The collection includes three unique rainforest wall mural designs, so pick your favorites here - Jungle Wall Mural collection and add them to your cart!


If some of our wall mural designs piqued your interest  - you read this just in time! To find more modern vintage wallpaper designs like this one, visit our Vintage and Retro Wallpaper collection. We also have a specially dedicated collection for mural wallpaper vintage designs - all in a similar color palette and style as these designs - Vintage & Retro Wall Mural collection.



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