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Kitchen design ideas - Get the look with Livette's wallpaper

How to accomplish major changes in your kitchen interior with little effort? Wallpaper for kitchen walls is the answer, at least if you ask me. The installation is easy and the final look is amazing. Wallpaper for kitchens is also not as major commitment as for example tiles, that are put up to stay there. Kitchen peel and stick wallpaper can be permanent solution or a temporary accent that can be changed in a while to give the interior a different feel. I have gathered few inspirational images of exquisite wallpaper for kitchen wall interiors and I am going to suggest how to accomplish the look using Livette’s modern wallpaper kitchen designs. 


Every kitchen, even the smallest one, has a backsplash. In this interior this seasons trendiest coral color is used, mixed with copper details and grey accents. For this wallpaper as kitchen backsplash look I am presenting one of the designs from Azulejos collection in custom Flamingo color, from our bright and modern color palette. The inspiration behind this collection was a form of Portuguese (and Spanish) hand-painted tin-glazed ceramic tile works, exactly what we need for this kitchen look.  However, for a more durable solution, check out our Tiles Backsplash Collection to find loads of other colorful and dreamy kitchen backsplash designs.  Kitchen interior with coral backsplash and grey and copper accents


Accent wall

If your kitchen space is bigger you might find a wall that could work as an accent wall. This interior has very subtle greys used for the whole look. What I am putting emphasis on is the gorgeous terrazzo wallpaper kitchen backsplash wall. Grey is perfect background, but chosen finish still draws attention to it. Ideal example of how you don't need bright colors to make accent wall stand out. But we do believe that a colorful marble or stone kitchen backsplash can be a super chic option as well, so check out our Marble and Stone Backsplash Collection and spruce up the kitchen walls.
Now back to the wallpaper design - I am offering our very own terrazzo inspired design for one of your wallpaper kitchen ideas. Customised grey background with speckles in different shades of grey.
Grey kitchen interior using terrazzo removable wallpaper for accent


Cabinet backwall

Your kitchen has cabinets with glass doors? You are in for a DIY project to upgrade your kitchens design to a little bit more extra. The particular project I have chosen for inspiration has wood panelling as kitchen cabinet wallpaper at the back of cabinets. Wood makes any interior warmer and more homey. It is very clean and classy.  In this case the warm toned wood makes neat contrast to the cool marble used for backsplash and countertop and the crisp white used for cabinets. I trust we have accomplished the same natural wood feel with our plank inspired removable wallpaper

Kitchen cabinet decoartion with wood panelling

Kitchen Island

If you are lucky enough to have a spacious kitchen, island is very practical part of it. But it can (and should) definitely work as a decorative element as well. The kitchen island in my chosen inspiration photo is the perfect example on how to use wallpaper for kitchen modern interiors. Subway tiles with black grouting where used to attain this look. I can't think of more classic kitchen interior detail. This classic look can be also accomplished using our Herringbone tile removable wallpaper from our Scandi & Japandi wallpaper collection. If you have gone for a more bright color scheme in your kitchen, but still like the style, the colors of the wallpaper can be customised to fit your needs. But also, do not forget to check out our new addition to our website, as mentioned above - kitchen backsplash - especially Herringbone and Chevron Backsplash collection to recreated this look.


Kitchen island with herringbone tile removable wallpaper

Accent ceiling

Let’s put is this way - for this kitchen the designer has almost stepped outside the box. Literally. They have used the one space that usually is left plain and boring. Decorating ceiling comes into fashion once in a while. In this particular interior ceiling has been made an accent, allowing rest of the interior stay slightly understated, perfect for a busy space as kitchen is. I have absolutely fallen in love with this idea, so I am offering our very own take on dark floral peony design in  removable wallpaper design. Our removable - peel and stick wallpaper is a good alternative to vinyl kitchen wallpaper with its durability and easy installation process. The pattern scale can be doubled in size to achieve the dramatic look. 

Kitchen with dark floral accent ceiling

Did any of these wallpaper for kitchen ideas catch you attention? Then visit our Kitchen Collection to find your dream peel and stick kitchen wallpaper! Have you already started planning your next interior update? If you have any questions about Livette's wallpaper feel free to to contact us or simply leave a comment!

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