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Soft & Monochrome Nursery Inspiration | Mood Board Monday

Mood Board Inspiration for Monochrome Minimal Nursery


Summer is just around the corner, which means that it’s time to start getting some seasonal inspiration and we love to share some with you... Since we’re still living through the pandemic and a lot of you have been looking for a way to beat summer boredom, we’ve included some essential ideas for summertime nursery designing, featuring our Delicate Floral Design Removable Wallpaper.

Mood Board Inspiration for Monochrome Minimal Nursery room Interior

We love to make sustainable and long lasting choices in terms of baby room design as they are growing up and changing so fast. If you are up for a long term relationship in terms of nursery interior it is truly worth it to invest your time and finances in each and every essential piece. As summer seems to be bright and rich in its color palette, we love to offer some soft monochrome baby room interior for mothers and children who love to have a peaceful, neutral and calming environment around them after spending time outdoors and catching all the colorful visuals there.


As designers we get inspired by nature and believe there is a beauty in simplicity, therefore we love to use a combination of both - our Delicate Floral wallpaper from Bohemian Girl's Bedroom Wallpaper Collection executed in minimal scandi style. Silk grey color of the wall coverage creates an atmosphere of tranquility and makes the nursery interior look weightless and light. In this case we recommend going for a timely full wall coverage look. Baby room weightlessness can be grounded with natural shape inspired and hand created lighting either in neutral or as in this nursery interior mood board - contrasting black color. One of the essential investment piece is a black minimal baby bed or in other words crib, which not only looks delicate, but also keeps the baby safe during the nights. Another must have for mothers, who love to spoil their babies with a lot of attention, is a minimal light design daybed for little rest or just extra comfortable baby watching during naps. Black colored chair with a light touch of cane material is not only top design piece in 2021, but also hand crafted artwork, which gives the right amount of lux trendiness and can be used for book reading and storytelling. Soft fluid shape carpet takes a great place as an accent piece giving that feeling of non symmetrical beautiful mess while paper roll tends to make the baby room interior look straight and arranged. The Kiss of Edvard Munch 1892 and Love art prints from Livettes Wallpaper Gifts & Decor adds an exact dosage of conceptual  sweetness to the interior, while adding a midtone accent to the whole monochrome and minimal nursery design. Almost each and every piece is specially selected from several different shops, which also gives you a chance to explore goods a little bit more this time. See below to shop the whole look.

Get the look of our minimal & soft monochrome nursery interior mood board

Shop the look:

2. UMUT Black 3 Pendant | Dyke & Dean
4. Studio Roller | George & Willy
6.  UMUT 2 Black Pendant | Dyke & Dean
7. Charcoal Black Chair | DIMO
8. Chandigarh daybed | DIMO
9. Winston 4 in 1 Convertible Crib | Modern Nursery
10. Decaying Rugs by Lizan Freijsen | Trendland
We always love to hear your feedback so feel free to comment your thoughts on our monochrome nursery interior and essential pieces!

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