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Runway Inspired Sunroom Interior | Mood Board Monday

Modern sunroom design mood board with mid-century modern style home decor and removable wallpaper
While there are plenty of colors gaining popularity in 2021, the green color trend is simply too hard to ignore. You can spot it in the spring collections of designers including Bottega Veneta, The Attico, and Balenciaga in a range of shades from Kelly green to bold, electric hues. Inspired by designers we have combined their color plates with actual Sunroom ideas and created mood boards to inspire you to just get closer and closer to nature.  
Picture yourself on a bright, cheery morning. You’re sitting, enjoying the outdoor view. The sun is shining and nature is unfolding before your eyes. You sip your hot beverage and go back to your reading. In the background, soft music plays. The smell of fresh baking toast in the air. Peace and tranquility surround.
A sunroom is a special place in your home. It’s where you bring the outdoors inside yet control your environment by buffering you from nature’s elements. That includes heat, cold, rain, wind, snow, and especially the bugs. Sunrooms are the perfect solution to enjoying your view of the outdoors while experiencing the comfort of the inside.
Whoever said that green wasn’t a neutral shade would be lying – think of the natural world and all its gorgeous greens, from the vibrant shade of a lime and the deep rich hue of rainforest to the muted velvet of a sage leaf. Shades of green are a refreshing reminder of new life, and in this particular case, we have combined it with our wallpaper mid century modern style - Livette's London Metro Wallpaper from the Contemporary & Mid-Century Modern Wallpaper collection. As in Sunroom usually have one or two walls to cover, we would suggest using them as a contrast or bright accent to all the greens that still harks back to the peace and calm of nature.
Mid-century modern design sunroom terrace interior design with graphic design removable wallpaper
London Metro Lines wallpaper is pairing beautifully with natural wood grain and brightening dark corners of the home. We have used an antique Italian wooden bookshelf from the 1950s to create this private and intimate mood for good reads and a meditative atmosphere. A warm, earthy tone bookshelf creates a feeling of stability, growth, and potential, and provides a firm foundation for change and creativity in your home. And what can be better for the reading experience than a comfortable, modern sofa? The deep green leather tone sofa is neutral and easy to clean up if plant watering goes wrong sometimes. As we are considering our choices especially when it comes to interior design for a special place such as a sunroom, the best fit for flooring would be natural stone. We have combined green and black marble materials in the original floor cover as we love all kinds of patterns. Marble is a great long-lasting and easy-to-clean-up choice in any living-dining space.
From our interior mood board accent pieces that would make your time even more fulfilled during evenings in the sunroom, we would like to highlight the Outdoor Frame Kitchen designed by Salvatore Indriolo. The versatility of the minimally designed outdoor Frame Kitchen makes it a great focal point for any space, especially for conservatory type of living space with a bright interior design close to nature. This Kitchen is provided with a built-in stainless steel barbecue for a practical, smoke-free cooking experience. At the same time, you can rest easy knowing all of Fantin’s products promote sustainability, and are almost exclusively made of metal that’s 100% recyclable with non-toxic powder coatings.
If there is any place in your home where plants will feel loved it is the sunroom, so feel free to surround yourself with all kinds of plants. For taking care of them in a chic way we suggest a simple design Original Watering Can which serves not only as a water provider for plants but also as a cool interior object.
Very fine, minimalistic Plant Box, Two-tier makes a great connection to our London Metro Wallpaper in terms of interior design. It's black tiny metal frame reminds some parts of the Metro Line pattern, only in 3D experience. 
As the day goes by and the evening comes we are featuring a minimal light fixture design, for having light but still intimate atmosphere in your Eden.
Shop the look of mid century modern sunroom terrace interior decor

Shop the look:

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5. Plant Box, Two Tier Finnish Design Shop
6. Italian 1950's Bookshelf | 1stDibs
7. Hay Chair | Finnish Design Shop
8. Original Watering Can | Finnish Design Shop
9. Outdoor Fram Kitchen | Fantin
We are so excited about the sunroom interior featuring our modern contemporary wallpaper - London Metro Wallpaper. Are you ready to move your read and dinner closer to nature in a bright and modern way? Visit our website and get inspired by patterns and colors!

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