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Pink Nursery Interior Inspiration With Ombre Wall Mural

Modern and girly pink ombre nursery interior

Pink is always a good idea! We are still obsessing over this super cute pink Ombre nursery done by amazing Natalie. This nursery project will seriously make you consider an Ombre mural wallpaper design in your own home interior. Keep reading this blog post to learn more about our ombre pink baby room murals designs and this lovely nursery!

DIY nursery project featuring solid colour removable wallpaper design

Fun fact about this design is that, when we was discussing and planning this lovely partnership Natalie herself came up with this design. She customised our original Ombre design in a special custom Pink colour just for her interior. We loved the final result of this lovely project with a custom wall mural so much that we decided to include Natalie’s Ombre design in our Wall Mural collection. Isn’t that so cool?

Wall mural design for every room in the house

For this project Natalie used our Self adhesive wallpaper material which is so simple to use because there is no wallpaper glue or paste required for the installation process. To finish this lovely nursery there was 8 wallpaper panels required to create this stunning wall mural peel and stick design; and we think that it looks simply amazing!

Wall Mural removable wallpaper design for soft nursery interior

We absolutely love how soft and light this little nursery is. The pink coloured ombre mural wallpaper peel and stick design definitely gives a little accent to the whole room but it’s not too busy for the overall look. The neutral colours for the accents really goes well together with the white crib and rug. The pampas grass looks spectacular and gives the room that natural look.

If you are looking for some cute pink wallpapers for your own nursery or kid's room design, then definitely visit our Pink Kids Wallpaper collection.

Removable wallpaper design for the weekend DIY project at home

Ombre wall murals design is a great choice for your interior if you want to add some pop of colour but don’t want to use some super colourful wallpaper designs. The calm change of the colour throughout the design will bring a really beautiful final look of the room.

“I seriously smile every time I see it” says Natalie and it’s so cute!
Cute baby pink nursery interior featuring removable wallpaper

We can’t get enough of Natalie's cute nursery project featuring our removable wall mural - Baby Pink Ombre wallpaper design. Have you already decided which room in your house will be the lucky one? Visit our Custom Colors section to learn more about how you can create your own dream custom mural wallpaper! Or perhaps you are interested in our already "pre-made" colorways, like our blue gradient wallpaper design or green ombre wallpaper, then head over to our Ombre Wall Mural Collection for more. However, if you wish to see other pink room wallpaper patterns or want to decorate pink and grey nursery walls for your baby, make sure to visit our Pink Wall Murals collection.


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