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Mid-century Modern Nursery | Mood Board Monday

Slowly but noticeably, retro-style patterns, forms, and color schemes make an appearance in the design world. When I think of retro interiors, mid-century modern style often comes to mind with its simple, functional wooden pieces, elegant geometric lines, and bold accent colors. Oh, I just love the good old mid-century modern living room interior! But let's go a step further and challenge ourselves to create a mid-century modern nursery interior mood board! Who said that nurseries have to be only light & airy? Let's go bold with this one & celebrate the beauty of mid-century modern style!
retro nursery mood board interior inspiration
When we think of nursery interior design, mid-century modern or retro are not the ones that come to mind first. On this Mood Board Monday, we want to inspire you to think a little outside the box and show that mid-century modern can be perfect for nursery or kid's room design.

The interior design of this room started with choosing the wallpaper that matches the mid-century modern theme. For the nursery accent wall, we decided on the Retro Design Geometric Removable Wallpaper in olive color from our Mid-century Modern Wallpaper Collection. Since this pattern is quite busy, it looks best on accent walls or smaller areas. An olive color combination with the geometric pattern immediately sets the retro mood to the room – just what we needed for this one!
Let's continue with the statement pieces of this retro-inspired nursery design. The first one is the walnut color Peggy 3-in-1 Convertible Crib that encapsulates timeless mid-century modern design with its modern, clean silhouette and classic rounded spindles, while the flared tapered legs add a playful touch.

The next bold and fierce statement piece is the bright green lounge chair. Featuring embroidered art designed by Marcello Velho, this elegant and fun chair adds color and personality to the room. Its form, sleek pin-style legs, and color combination fit right in the mid-century-themed interior.
Round and soft forms and shapes go well with nurseries – for this room we chose a boucle storage ottoman in a yellow mustard tone. Green and rusty orange go perfectly with the mustardy color and create a beautiful retro palette.

Mid-century interiors call for iconic statement pieces, and the star of this room is Poul Henningsen’s PH 5 pendant in green. Designed by Henningsen in 1958, this pendant is a Danish design icon that has gained immense global popularity. The pendant’s structure is both elegant and innovative: the beautiful, layered shades prevent glare and provide a pleasant lighting in any room.

One of the charachteristic elements of retro inspired interiors are simple geometric shapes – we chose hand-tufted Lunar Eclipse Rug in black and white for this nursery. The minimal rug will tone down the brighter colored elements.

We will complete this mid-century modern inspired nursery interior with some accent pieces that match the rooms color scheme. Let's add two fun animal posters for the walls and a faux fur fuzzy, super-cosy throw pillow. Accompanied by the the bright green lounge chair, accent elements add a cute animal theme to this retro style nursery.
mid-century modern retro inspired nursery interior design mood board
If this mid-century modern inspired nursery interior is something that tickles your fancy, below we have listed all of the products and brands we used to design this bold and fun room so you can shop this look yourself.
mid-century modern inspired nursery interior mood board shop the look

Shop the look:

1. Retro Design Geometric Design Removable Wallpaper in Olive Color | Livette's Wallpaper

2. PH 5 pendant | Finnish Design Shop 

3. Grrr! Wall Art | Anthropologie

4. Big Buddy Wall Art | Anthropologie

5. Peggy 3-in-1 Convertible Crib Project Nursery

6. Hand-Tufted Lunar Eclipse Rug Anthropologie

7. Beaufort Bouclé Storage Ottoman Anthropologie

8. Sophie Faux Fur Cushion | Anthropologie

9. Marcello Velho Catwalk Petite Accent Chair Anthropologie


It was interesting to create a mid-century modern inspired nursery design because – it is not the most common style for babies or kid's rooms. But who said that babies room always have to be only pink and blue? This retro inspired and gender neutral nursary design is also practical and can grow togather with your kid because nor the wallpaper design nor room color scheme look childish. It is always fun to explore how we can apply same patterns and color shemes to different rooms. Be bold and creative, and the magic will happen!

What do you think – does mid-century modern and retro style look good in a nursery interior design? Let us know in the comments below – we would love to hear your thoughts!

Betty Graphic Designer at Livette's Wallpaper Graphic Designer

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