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Mediterranean Dining Room Interior | Mood Board Monday

What we choose to surround ourselves with expresses a large part of our character and our lives. And with its associations with sun-soaked days under azure skies or earthy rustic escapism, people from all over the world have long looked to the Mediterranean for inspiration when decorating their homes. Some will be drawn to the styling of an Iberian Finca with terracotta tiling and chunky wood, others to the charming white, cobalt blue and rounded plaster of a Greek cottage, but this time we are inspired by Portuguese tile patterns featuring our Blue Lisbon Inspired Tiles Removable Wallpaper.
Modern Mediterranean Style Dining Room Interior Ideas With Tiles Removable Wallpaper

Stretching from the Rock of Gibraltar to the beaches of Beirut, the Mediterranean Sea itself traces a vast circumference of land and over 20 countries – each as different as the next. And like there is no one specific European identity, it is even harder to define what it means to be the Mediterranean. However, like Europe, there is a thread that runs between all Mediterranean nations, stemming from the diverse yet interconnected and overlapping histories, cultures, and languages they share. 

While food plays an enormous role in defining Mediterranean lifestyle, the manner in which it is eaten is also hugely important. So as the summer has gone to its hottest point, we wanted to inspire you for the new look of the dining room. Again the region has its temperate climate to thank for another cornerstone of its way of life – an emphasis on outdoor living. If you have an open-door dining room or just an indoor place it is the perfect time to welcome a Mediterranean vibe in your space. Choose an accent wall wallpaper dining room space to create a focus on the dining room feature wall, which will be easy to combine with all the other natural details for this interior. For the purpose of that, we have combined Livette's Blue Lisbon Inspired Tiles Removable Wallpaper from the Modern Mediterranean Wallpaper Collection, which we definitely think is the best wallpaper for dining room accent wall, with some rough wooden textures in flooring and the main character - the Dining Table. Anchored by graceful brass wishbone legs, its French oak table top features a natural live edge and hand-finished contours that highlight the unique grain pattern and form of its source tree. Complete with beautiful butterfly detailing, this table brings an artisanal touch to your everyday dining traditions. To add some personality to table dressing we have chosen Iazid Raffia Table Runner, which gives that warm home feeling and perfectly combines with wood and tile wallpaper textures. To serve the food beautifully we would add different colors of Levi Side Plates which complements the monochrome beige table dressing. To spice it up a little you can use this cutlery set, it adds an elegant touch to your tablescape and is crafted from stainless steel with a stonewashed finish. It would not be a Mediterranean type of dinner with lots of fresh homegrown fruits on the table. Either you serve lemons, grapes or olives, they all will look beautifully in Acacia Wood Footed Serving Bowl. To finish the Table look with the last touch we suggest diving into your garden and picking out some seasonal flowers, they would look lovely into Amber Lewis for Anthropologie Jayme Pitcher. Designed by Amber Lewis in collaboration with Anthropologie, this porcelain collection exudes organic charm thanks to its careful, artisanal play between raw and glazed finishes. Easygoing and elegant at once, its muted, earth-inspired hues will transform even the simplest suppers into something to savour.

Countries nearby the Mediterranean Sea are know to be the most popular wine region. For elegant and light-enough wine keeping in an interior like this, we would choose a wooden Percy Wine Rack with a gentle touch of metal. Gilded Rim Flute set of glasses, will be a perfect match with some good old wine from France, Italy our inspiration Portugal. You can use the glasses to serve some fresh lemon dessert or place them in the interior as an elegant touch to the whole place.
A great way to highlight our bright wallpaper would be by combining it with some little accents. We have chosen Anna Spiro Flatwoven Checkered Rug Designed by Anna Spiro in collaboration with Anthropologie and Lithuanian Linen Dish Towel with wide stripes, handmade from super-soft Lithuanian linen. This pre-washed dish towel is a welcome addition to the kitchen.
Modern Mediterranean Style Dining Room With Wood Accents And Blue Lisbon Tiles Removable Wallpaper By Livette's Wallpaper

As you noticed we love to add some old antique pieces to our interior inspiration mood boards. Iconic tubular steel cantilevered chair was one of our favorite designs. To match it well we would add oldish Yellow Plia chairs by Giancarlo Piretti for Castelli from 1960 and chic NILS GAMMELGAARD metal folding chairs from IKEA, 1970's/80's. 

Ultimately, the Mediterranean offers a broad enough palette of decorative variety to appeal to a wide spectrum of tastes. And the same can be said too of the Mediterranean lifestyle in general. While difficult to define collectively, you can draw from its rich cornucopia of flavours, aesthetics and influences, to craft the Mediterranean lifestyle that best suits, complements, and defines your unique personality.
Shop The Look Of Modern Mediterranean Style Dining Room Interior

Shop the look:
1. Blue Lisbon Inspired Tiles Removable Wallpaper | Livette's Wallpaper
2. Anna Spiro Flatwoven Checkered Rug | Anthropologie
3. Lowell Flatware | Anthropologie
4. Lithuanian Linen Dish Towel | Anthropologie
5. Percy Wine Rack Anthropologie
6. Levi Side Plates | Anthropologie
7. The Cantilever Chair | This Is Glamorous
8. Jayme Pitcher | Anthropologie
9. Iazid Raffia Table Runner | Anthropologie
10. Acacia Wood Footed Serving Bowl | Anthropologie
11. Gilded Rim Glasses | Anthropologie
12. Ensemble De 6 Chaises | Design Market
13. Nils Gammelgaard 'Ted Net' Folding Chairs | Bukowskis
14. Nemus Dining Table | Anthropologie

Voila! Are you feeling excited and inspired to enjoy the summer to its fullest? Maybe it is time you want to refresh your dining place? If so, feel free to visit our Dining Room Collection to get more inspiration from our colorful patterns. However, if you are looking for art on your wall, we would recommend looking into our Dining Room Wall Mural collection to find the best mural wallpaper dining room selection. 


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