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Interior Trends of 2017

As 2017 is here in just a few days, I thought it's a good time to narrow down the 5 hottest interior trends of 2017! ♡ Browse through for a fresh new year!


Olive tree in Scandinavian interior


1. Olive Tree

Yes, exactly, this is my absolute favourite! The fiddle leaf fig is finally out (finally, as it was impossible to find it here in Latvia!) and indoor olive trees has taken it's place. It is just the perfect plant for a living room or dining room interior and it goes oh-so well with a scandi inspired interior! Love!


Dark green interior with greenery and dark wood accents.


2. Green

It seems that this year it will be all around the Green. Think olive, emerald, greenery or anything else that comes to mind. The number one for the main colour though will be dark greens to add a sophistication & a little antiquity to the  room. Think of dark green walls, or statement couch in combination with dark wood, brass & lot's off greenery. Chic, right?


Cork wall as mood board styled with cactus and posters.


3. Cork

This is probably my second favourite as I've been meaning to add a cork wall to Livettes studio for a while now. It serves as the perfect mood board (or a living Pinterest) as it is can be created large enough to actually store everything you need for the creative work environment! I will definitely be trying this out and see how to style around it, with lots of greenery & perhaps adding a reading nook right next to it? Anyway, cork is here not only for mood boarding, but in furniture as well, so let your creative juices flow and see what you can come up with with this beautiful material!


Dark green bedhead in classic bedroom with gold accents.


4. Fabric bedheads

Oh yes, yet another gorgeous trend! Think of a dark green bedhead in velvet for that perfect dramatic accent to your bedroom. In combination with on trend dark woods and gold accents. Perfection!


DIY terra cotta pots, interior trend 2017.


5. DIY Recycling

As people are all about slow food, slow living and sustainability, this really shouldn't be a surprise. No matter how busy you are, there should always be time for that perfect home made dinner, and a little time for yourself to decompress & regenerate! This is an absolute must, as you can get way too carried away trying to achieve every goal in work and letting yourself forget about your needs. And what better way to restore your energy that to do a little DIY over the weekend you've thought for a while now? As Coco Chanel once said; "An interior is a natural projection of the soul", so when your home get's too out of order, it's a sign to dig deeper and allow yourself some 'you' time. Replant the cacti to new on trend terra cotta pots, or upcycle the dresser with a eye caching greenery wallpaper and brand new knobs. This will bring peace and satisfaction to yourself, hence to your mind. Worth trying!

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