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Black, White & Dalmatian Mood board

A little sunday inspiration for those who cannot get enough of black and white interior!



I came across these fantastic interior statement pieces when where browsing for the perfect accents to complement our Dalmatian wallpaper in a very chic monochrome living room interior. I want absolutely all of this and I figured you might too, so see the complete list of these items below!
Black & white can be a very good choice for those who like change, as it is a great base palette to practically any colour. You can add a little detail with gold or silver or spice things up with Fuchsia or Pantone's colour of 2017 - Greenery. Also, adding a hint of greenery in interior is always a good idea which you can never go wrong with. Large leaves of Monstera Deliciosa will always make the interior more lively and in this case will add a feeling of galore, don't you think? 


5. Velvet Black Throw Pillow

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