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How to bring yellow into your home - interior inspiration

Hi! Post of this week will cover the idea of yellow color as an accent object. I have combined a few examples of how to bring yellow tones into your interior. Vibrant and energizing - yellow is gaining more and more popularity and there is a good reason why. Since Pantone color of 2018 is Ultraviolet - it has to connect with a complementary color - my choice with no doubt would be yellow. Let’s see examples how to bring yellow power into our home!

Living room and kitchen

Yellow accents in kitchen and living roomStudio type living room combined with kitchen or as separate rooms - yellow would perfectly fit in! If yellow is chosen as an addition - interior will gain freshness of it but if it's too loud for your taste you can use some yellow details instead. For example, yellow sofa or carpet will work great as object of accent. Or perhaps yellow walls living room interior would be a great choice when deciding on how to incorporate yellow color, therefore, check out our peel and stick wallpaper yellow collection to find different yellow colored designs for pale yellow walls or mustard yellow walls. 

Yellow accents in Scandinavian design kitchen by Jenni RadosevichBathroom

Light bathroom interior with white and yellow tile combination

Bathroom is a private place - mostly with small or no windows at all so how can we create a better and more positive vibe for it? One of the best ideas - yellow tiles. Combined with white or minimalistic design tiles they create a modern and uplifting atmosphere. 

Light bathroom with white and yellow accentsBedroom

Minimal and light bedroom interior with vibrant yellow ceilings

Bedroom plays an important role regarding how we feel since our day starts there. Adding yellow accessories will give that boost of energy to kickstart your day! Morning sun through yellow curtains can make them extra vibrant and perfect for waking up.


Yellow accent details in interior

You can also play with different tone variations (mustard, pastel, or neon yellow) and tailor the shade to fit your interior. If none of the ideas above suit your needs you can use smaller accents. If you don't want to color your walls you can use a vibrant yellow color bookshelf. Instead of buying a new sofa, choose colorful pillows that will work just as good or brighten up your home with yellow artworks.  What would you choose for your home? Yellow walls, curtains or just pillows? Let me know your ideas in a comment section!   
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