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Eclectic Scandinavian Home Office Interior | Mood Board Monday

In a blink of an eye, autumn is here, and most of us return to school, university, or office. That's why it is the perfect time for home office interior inspo – let's make our study or workspace a place we enjoy spending time!

I must confess that I have a bit of a crush on eclectic interiors, and I can never get enough (my Pinterest board is living proof!) of them! For me, these interiors have the most character and feel more personal, fun & happy. And that brings me to my second-biggest interior design crush —Scandinavian, especially Danish interior design – simple but full of color and joy. Autumn is almost here, and a little boost of energy, color, and playfulness in the surrounding space is just what we need! So, let's take a closer look at this light-hearted Eclectic Scandinavian Home Office interior.
eclectic scandinavian home office interior design mood board
In this eclectic interior, I decided to mix black & white with primary colors (blue, red, and yellow) and bright green – this color combination allows to create a fun space without making it look too chaotic. For the accent wall, I choose Minimal Black & White Lines Removable Wallpaper that is minimal yet elegant and gives me a bit of a retro vibe that's also one of my weaknesses in interior design. Overall – this wallpaper matches the Eclectic Scandinavian interior checkbox perfectly.

Let's move on to the two most important furniture pieces in the home office – a desk and a chair! For this interior I choose Danish furniture company's HAY furniture. CPH 90 DESK  light oak desk – a simple yet graceful asymmetrical legs coupled with the streamlined tabletop results in a functional, compact and uncluttered design. Right next to desk is the bright green elegant AAC 155 chair for optimal comfort and modern aesthetics.
But now let’s cheer up this interior with some bold and bright pieces. One of them is the iconic Vitra's Uten.Silo in bright red – a storage system for use on the wall. Designed with containers of different shapes and sizes, metal hooks, and clips, it brings order to the office. Let’s balance out red with a bit of green with Kelly Green Checkers Art Print from Danish Pastels Art Print Collection. Bright Yellow Type 75 desk lamp, designed in the 1970s, will be a nice retro addition to this home office – classic, minimalist expression, and functional design.
Let’s add more design classics to this playful interior – Eames House Bird in black. Just a few more final bright & colorful touches – yellow perforated bin, electric blue plastic storage box, blue Design Letters' notebook, and Favourite Cup “Pause” for storing small items on your desk. Prismatic Shag Rug with a confetti-like playful pattern unites all the bright colors used in the room and is a perfect match for this interior both in style and mood.
Creating this fun home office interior inspo made me think – what does this color combo remind me of? Lego! So, to honor it, we'll finish this interior with a LEGO storage box in black – we already had fun with colors, so we'll keep this last piece childlike in form but grown up in color choice.
bright and playful eclectic scandinavian home office interior mood board

If this interior is something that tickles your fancy, below we have listed all of the products and brands we used to design a fun home office filled with bold and bright color interior pieces so you can shop this look yourself.
shop the look eclectic scandinavian home office interior

Shop the look:

1. Minimal Black & White Lines Removable Wallpaper | Livette's Wallpaper

2. Kelly Green Checkers Art Print | Livette's Wallpaper

3. Uten.Silo wall storage system | vitra.

4. Eames House Bird | vitra.

5. Design Letters Favourite Cup "Pause" Finnish Design Shop 

6. Type 75 Desk Lamp Finnish Design Shop 

7. Design Letters NotebookFinnish Design Shop 

8. CPH 90 Desk | HAY

9. AAC 155 Chair HAY

10. Perforated Bin | HAY

11. Colour Crate Storage Box | HAY

12. Lego Storage Brick | Finnish Design Shop 

13. Prismatic Shag Rug | Aelfie

If your mood changes, it is easy to change the style of an interior design like this. Just replace the bold decor & accent pieces with more subtle or minimal ones. The Minimal Black & White Lines Removable Wallpaper is versatile enough and easy to combine with neutrals or earthy tones for a mid-century modern or minimal home office interior design. To find more cute design for office wall or just to get some mural ideas for office space, make sure to visit our Office Wall Murals collection.

I had fun creating this Eclectic Scandinavian Home Office interior mood board and hope that you found it useful for your upcoming interior projects! Let us know in the comment below – which wallpaper design you would choose for your home office. We would love to hear from you!

Betty Graphic Designer at Livette's Wallpaper Graphic Designer


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