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How To Bring The Hottest Summer Fashion Trends Of The Year In Your Home Interior

Can fashion trends be applied to home interior styling? Absolutely! And us, Livette's Wallpaper, being a wallpaper brand, we have compiled 10 of the most popular summer fashion trends of 2022 that translate oh-so well to wallpaper and home decor! If you are one who always follows fashion trends and are currently considering redecorating your home, browse through this blog post to see which of these trends you can include in your own home interior!

1. Micro Mania

summer fashion trends in home interior design, modern white kitchen design with geometric cube design wallpaper border and black chandeliers
Just as hemlines are going higher and higher, wallpaper is also going in the same direction. And as there are so many different ways to wallpaper a room these days, the Micro Mania trend seems to be quite a unique approach to wallpapering. Smaller wallpaper panels combined with rather high wall panelling kind of gives the retro feel of wallpaper borders, however in a much more tasteful and contemporary way.

2. Drama & Muted Maximalism

summer fashion trends of 2022 styled in home interior, bold black and pink retro style kitchen interior with white neon light above stove
Contrary to the Micro Mania trend, this one is for the drama queens of interior design, or for those who simply wish to try something new. Don't be afraid to go bold, use colors, patterns and textures, and mix them up in a way that reflects your authentic self! Pair black and white wallpaper with bold and neon color interior decor for that Colorful Drama effect as in the picture above, or keep the interior color palette monochrome but use different type of patterns and textures throughout the room that complement each other thus creating a Muted Maximalism look - the choice is yours!

3. Between The Lines

hottest summer fashion trends of 2022 styled in home interior, green and white modern farmhouse linen closet design with lemon pattern shelf liner
Stripes seem to never go out of style and for a good reason - they can be dressed up and downed for every occasion and every interior design style! Being one of the most versatile patterns out there, there is no doubt that Between The Lines is a safe trend to follow as it can also be a very timeless choice if done right. Go with classic blue and white stripes for a nautical themed interior or black diagonal lines for a more bold and eclectic look, or even bright green candy stripes for a whimsical interior design just as in the image above! 

4. White & Low-Key

hottest summer fashion trends of 2022 in your home office interior design, white and minimal home office design with line art posters and removable wallpaper by livettes wallpaper
This one is for the minimalists. Dressing in white from head to toe is one of the summer fashion trends of 2022 and we couldn't be happier about it! There is something so fresh and clean with all white interiors that almost bring a sense of serenity and purity to the mind. To avoid going overboard and creating interior that too sterile, we do recommend incorporating some subtle accent colors and textures that complement the white well and will put an even bigger emphasis on this beautiful color of white. Just as pictured in the image above - use some light wood in combination with gold and black decor pieces and minimal Line Art Design Wall Mural to create the perfect minimalist interior look. 

5. Bold Colors

bold colors summer fashion trends of 2022 in home interior, bold green and blue geometric retro style wallpaper in living room interior with white boucle sofa and blue furry pillow
Inspired by what we see on the catwalks from designers such as JacquemusValentinoBottega Veneta and many more one of the hottest fashion trends of 2022 is of course - bold colors. Think fuchsia, indigo blue, bright yellow and Kelly green colors and then combine them with each other or with pastels and neutrals for that ultimate on-trend look! And, if the color palette of your interior is neutral, as in the picture above, incorporating this summer trend in form of smaller pastel Danish decor pieces and accents, such as wallpaper, is the best way to go - as you can easily change them out when this trend no longer speaks your love language!

6. The Y2K Craze

y2k millenial fashion trend of 2022 in home interior design with lavender color abstract wallpaper and fuchsia pink blazer
Heavily inspired by the Gen Z and Tik Tok generation, the Y2K aesthetic might be one of the hottest fashion trends of 2022 and it is spilling over from fashion to home decor this year - & we feel it! It brings back memories and nostalgia of neon lights, lava lamps, retro interior and simpler times. Think fluffy pillows, see through furniture and neon colors - all of these define the Y2K era, and we definitely love the way in has been modernised to fit the current and more sophisticated interior design styles, especially with our Danish pastel wall art. For more cute Danish pastel wallpaper designs like this one, then visit our Danish Pastels Wallpaper collection.  

7. Feminine & Masculine

summer fashion trends of 2022 in interior design, modern minimal and masculine style living room decor in black color and angular shapes, black marble table and pink eclectic design removable wallpaper
Feminine fluid dress combined with a masculine tailored blazer might be the perfect summer office wardrobe. And this summer trend translates very well into home decor, too! Think of minimal, clean lines, colors and shapes for the smaller decor pieces and combine them with more feminine and fluid accent pieces, such as wallpaper, to add a balance to the room. Just as a red lipstick brings the perfectly tailored suit to a whole other level, adding that little touch femininity will make the room feel complete! If you are looking for more inspiration on this summer trend and how to bring it into your home interior, check out this mood board we created a little while ago!

8. All Things Sexy

summer fashion trends of 2022 styled in home interior, modern boho style living room interior in neutral color palette, tactile fabrics and boucle furniture
Similarly as raised hemlines, all things sexy are back in style as well! In terms of fashion this means sheer fabrics, short dresses and mainly - taste for flesh. When we translate that into interior we would say that this means a little more daring design and decor pieces that makes you look! To be fair the interior would be slightly different for each design style and taste, but in general think of sensual abstract style wallpaper, glass chandeliers, tactile fabrics and leather furniture paired with elegant gold or brass decor elements and neutral color palette. 

9. New Bohemian

new bohemian summer fashion trend 2022, modern white and pastel pink kitchen interior with gold accents and terrazzo design removable wallpaper, australian style white kitchen interior
The first things that come to mind when we think of New Bohemian summer trend of 2022 are craftsmanship and tactile fabrics, rich colours and an excess of detailing. This can be done boldly with rich hues and intricate patterns, or subtly - with more muted and neutral color palette as well as minimal style hand drawn patterns. Both ways are perfectly fine, the only thing that matters is personal preference! If you would want to go in the minimal direction, take hints from the picture above. Choose a muted almost monochromatic color palette which will be your guideline when incorporating various patterns and textures into the space.  You can use frills, fringe, rattan, terrazzo and even abstract sculptural shape furniture  - until they are all from the same color palette, there is no reason for them to not work together! 

10. Coordinating sets

eclectic summer fashion trends of 2022 styled in home interior, eclectic kitchen interior with blue cupboards and black terrazzo floor, pink walls and black terrazzo design removable wallpaper by livettes wallpaper
Now this fashion trend has been around for a while, however there is a good reason, as it works so well! You can implement the coordinating set fashion trend in your workwear, loungewear and even PJs, and it works just as well in the interior design world, too! You can easily incorporate the same pattern for example in wallpaper as well as in curtains, accent rugs or bed linen - and it doesn't even have to be the exact same design. You can find similar patterns that work well together, thus making your decorating journey a lot easier and more fun! Even though, we will admit, it would be fun to see the whole room designed in the same pattern everywhere you look, we feel it's best to keep this for the truly daring ones.
We hope this summer fashion trend inspired blog was fun to read and you did find some inspiration and drive to give some of these trends a go in your own home interior as well, and if you did - please tag us on Instagram (@livetteswallpaper) as we'd love to see!

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