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Behind the scenes - Azulejos collection

Azulejos wallpaperLast week we launched our new wallpaper collection ‘Azulejos’. The story of its origin comes from Lisbon - a wonderful place with beautiful artwork tiles with incredible patterns. We decided to create tile effect wallpaper designs inspired by what we saw and give others the opportunity to bring a part of Lisbon in their interior. This is our story about what happened behind the scenes. Inspiration object layout
 When we visited Lisbon for the first time the most captivating works of art was found out on the streets. There we came across Azulejos - a form of Portuguese (and Spanish) hand-painted tin-glazed ceramic tile works. Lisbon has the largest collections of tiles in Portugal which turns the city into one large art gallery.  
Gold foil postcard from Lisbon
We were astonished by all the beauty in this city and came back to our workshop with inspiration objects, photos, and heads filled with ideas. 

Tile pattern design

Blue color plays a big role in this collection. It not only gives that Portuguese seaside feeling but also a fresh vibe that will brighten up any home interior. In order to find the perfect color, we experimented with different blue tones to come up with the best wall tiles peel and stick blue wallpaper patterns. For some designs golden yellow and red color was added as an accent tone. 
Tile effect wallpaper from Livette's wallpaper

To make sure that design looks good on the wallpaper materials we did countless test prints and checked if everything came out just as we planned. This centrepiece navy tile peel and stick wallpaper design is the design which describes this collection best, so make sure to visit our Blue Wallpaper collection to find more navy colored prints and patterns or visit our Tiles Wallpaper for more designs similar, like our art deco peel and stick tile wallpaper or wallpaper subway tile marble design! 

Light interior with golden accessories and tile effect wallpaper



The end result is seven new beautiful detailed tile effect wallpapers (available as self - adhesive and regular wallpapers) inspired by Lisbon's artistic streets. What do you think about our new Azulejos wallpaper collection? Which one would you choose for your kitchen or bathroom? Let me know in the comment section! 

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