Design destination: Phill’s Corner in Prague

Located in the historical capital of Bohemia (modern day Czech Republic), lies a design café & store not entirely bohemian per se, though not conventional at all as well. Housed in a former factory in a nowaday-design hotspot Phill’s Corner invites you to a take a look at the newest design trends.

Phill's Corner Cafe in Prague

The overall industrial interior with its exposed brick walls, combined with steel elements is softened by plastic chairs and an accent floor painted in a light-turquoise color.

Phill's Corner Cafe in Prague

Thanks to huge windows, the cafe gets more than enough ambient light during daytime. The dark hours of the day are brightened with stylish fixtures that are used throughout the place, each slightly different from the other, though all trendy and whats best - locally designed.

Phill's Corner Cafe in Prague

The overall interior looks quite simple actually and yet - if you look at each detail separately it becomes clear that everything is brilliantly planned till the last little detail so that everything fits together well and complements one another.

Phill's Corner Cafe in Prague

And once again, we are surprised how little is actually needed for an impactful interior design. White bricks make the space look bright but not blank like the walls of an art gallery for example. The wooden accents add a more homey feeling to the space. Plants make every room come alive, especially when added as an accent to monochrome interiors. And last but not least the turquoise floor and the geometric fixtures are just the perfect icing on this delicious Czech design cake. Definitely worth to check out when in Prague!

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