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Design Destination: The Lokal Hotel, Philadelphia

And yet again we learn that good comes out of mixing different things! Novelty has joined forces with history in this invisible service design-driven boutique hotel in the historical old town of Philadelphia. Each of the six apartment suites is designed not only to make you feel like home but to experience the city like a local would. 

Dining table at the Lokal Hotel in Philadelphia

Jersey Ice Cream Co are the minds behind this industrial elegance interior design. The owners of the Lokal Hotel (a husband and wife team) were tired of traditional hotel scenery so they decided to create a place like no other, where you no longer feel like a tourist (no check-in desk) but experience the city as though a friend of a friend had given you the keys to his gorgeous guest house.

The Lokal Hotel in Philadelphia

The blue of the cabinetry (Seaworthy by Sherwin Williams) extends to the large window frames and together with the reclaimed wood floors almost naturally feels as though the sea is right there outside the window. 

Kitchen at the Lokal Hotel in Philadelphia

The ambient light from the large windows is one of the key elements within the interior. Brass fixtures, among other small scale metallic elements, provide the perfect final touches - like jewellery does for an elegant overall look.

Bathroom at the Lokal Hotel in Philadelphia

Elegant simplicity continues in the interior of the bathrooms - wood, rich blue and same brass elements are combined with white tiles completing the classic look.

Bedroom at the Lokal Hotel in Philadelphia

Philadelphia is a city of distinguished art and exceptional history - there are so many things to do and even more to see. Why not start getting to know the city from the moment you step inside of your suite? The Lokal Hotel just has to be one of the things if not on your bucket list to see then at least on your mood board as the inspiration for future dream home interior!

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