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Coastal Powder Room Remodel

Elegant bathroom remodel with blue tropical palm leaf wallpaper

Coastal theme in your powder room, or any other room in the house really, is always a good idea! This bathroom remodel done by lovely Lauren gives us all these fresh and clean vibes featuring some pop of colour! Keep reading this blog post to see more wonderful pictures from this interior project and learn more about coastal themed wallpaper designs!

Coastal themed powder room remodel featuring traditional wallpaper with blue palm leave design

The wallpaper that Lauren have used for this powder room remodel project is our Blue Palm Leaves Design Removable Wallpaper from the Coastal collection. Our coastal wallpaper collection includes lots of blue, white and beige colours that are really suitable for light and calm interiors.

Make sure to visit our website for more wallpaper designs and inspiration!
DIY at home featuring easy to install wallpaper in coastal Hamptons style

Lauren have created this very light interior using lots of white accents as well as some browns and of course, blue palm leaves. For this project Lauren used our Traditional wallpaper material. To finish this powder room project there was 10 wallpaper panels required and the final result is amazing!

Coastal wallpaper designs to use at home for diy peel and stick wallpaper installation

We love this wallpaper design as it is not too busy-looking, however it gives this pop of colour and really great accent for the overall look.

Studio McGee inspired coastal bathroom interior design with marble vanity, farmhouse style faucet and elegant light blue palm leaf design wallpaper

It’s always so exciting to see clients mood boards before the project is even started, where they envision the final look of the interior project! Make sure to visit Lauren's blog and read more about this fresh powder room remodel. You will also see more beautiful "before and after" photos and useful wallpaper installation tips.

Mood board visual for coastal powder room interior project DIY

Have you already tried to use our wallpapers in your own home remodel projects? Don’t hesitate to send us a picture with the finished look as we would love to collect these lovely moments with you!

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  • Hello, Yamely! :)

    Thank you for your question! This is the original color combination – Blue & White for our Blue Palm Leaves design wallpaper in the Traditional material!

    Kind regards,

    Livette's Wallpaper on
  • Hi what color did you use for the wallpaper?

    Yamely Rayon on
  • Hello, Andrea!

    Thank you for your comment! :) Yes, please feel free to reach out to us via info@livetteswallpaper.com, we’d be happy to help you find the best wallpaper option for your project!

    Livette's Wallpaper on
  • I have a guest bathroom with a basketweave floor with white , taupe that is in the pink family and a little gray!!!!!
    Would love to do the marble paper but tie in those tones!!!!!
    Could I send picture of tile?
    Let me know please

    Andrea Marks on

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