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Boho inspired girls nursery | MOOD BOARD MONDAY

For this Mood board Monday we have prepared a cute boho girl nursery interior design. Inspired by a beautiful kid's room interiors on TheBooAndTheBoy.com one of the gender-neutral interiors piqued our interest. Created and styled by Sarah M this bohemian style bedroom amazed us so much that we decided to use it as the canvas for our baby girl nursery inspiration mood board. Just adding a few pink decors - beautiful boho baby girl nursery room comes together. Take a look at our "Get the look" list below and see where you can find and buy all these interior pieces!
Boho inspired baby girl nursery interior
Let's start with the textures - soft and adorable rust dot rug with brown dots is as much playful as the new Autumn Florals Nursery wallpaper design from Livette's Bohemian Girl's Bedroom wallpaper collection. If baby girls room is long and narrow, use this flower wallpaper for an accent wall to create a more balanced space. The accent pieces trio consists of pink leaf play mat from natural linen, round mantle cotton tent canopy, and handmade custom color llama interior decor. All three made from natural materials are a great choice for baby nursery.
For statement pieces, we found cactus design baby play gym, Slumber Sloth's toys in three different colors and a playful design plant pots. The last picture is the baby nursery interior that we mentioned above. Decorated by Sarah M - it is a beautiful example of boho-inspired nursery design. For more cute, pink boho nursery wallpaper designs like this one, visit our Boho Nursery & Kids Room Wallpaper collection.

Once again take a look below and explore "Get the look" list. If you have any questions or would like to comment on our Boho inspired girls nursery mood board, feel free to leave a comment!
Get the look: bohemian style girls nursery

1. Autumn Floral Nursery Removable Wallpaper - Livette's Wallpaper
2. Decorated LLama - Animal Head Emporium
3. Sweet Round Mantle Cotton Tent Canopy - TYChome
4. Fern Floor Cushion - My Little Joy
5. Kalons Studios Caravan Cot - Kido Store
6. Cactus Baby Play Gym Toy - BohoBabyHeave
7. Slumber Sloth Snuggler - Slumberkins
8. Natural Rust Dot Rug - Hunter & Nomad
9. Leaf play mat - OMOLOKO
10. Ceramic planter - LunaReece
11. Seagrass Basket - Hunter & Nomad

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