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5 Most Versatile Wallpaper Designs For Your Home Interior

5 of the most versatile removable wallpaper design ideas for every room of the house

This year so far has been a challenge for all of us. Staying at home has become daily routine and what else better to do when at home than some home makeovers featuring some beautiful wallpapers. In this blog post you will find our most versatile wallpaper designs for every room in the house. Scroll through and get inspired!

1. Modern Delicate Herringbone Removable Wallpaper

You could never go wrong with a Modern Herringbone design wallpaper. So classic and minimalistic yet so modern and refreshing wallpaper choice. This wallpaper design suits every room in the house, from kitchen to bathroom, baby room and even closet, you name it. If you want some changes in your room but don't want any wallpapers with overly big patterns and bold colours, this Delicate Herringbone wallpaper is for you. And definitely visit our Herringbone & Chevron wallpaper collection for more designs like these.

Modern farmhouse design style bathroom interior featuring delicate herringbone wallpaper designDIY modern delicate herringbone wallpaper design sit down closet

2. Chinese Wave Patterns Removable Wallpaper

This Grey Wave Pattern is our beautiful wallpaper design from the Modern Farmhouse Collection. Wallpaper designs like these are perfect for neutral interior designs with some light touch of wood home decor pieces and furniture. Our Wave Pattern wallpaper will bring some 'coastal meets modern farmhouse' vibes into your home.


3. Tiny Brush Pattern Removable Wallpaper

This Brush Pattern wallpaper design is a beautiful and classic choice for timeless interiors. The fun thing about our wallpaper designs is that you can customise your own colour of the design, depending on your home interior design style you are going for! This way you can make your wallpaper more personal and exciting to install on the wall to see how the room comes together!

Modern bathroom interior design with brush strokes removable wallpaper in mid century modern style

4. Grey Peony Removable Wallpaper

This Peony Wallpaper creates really feminine and beautiful overall view of the room and interior. Grey colour works perfectly with earthy tones, such as brown, dark green and even white. This Grey Peony Wallpaper choice is suitable for everyone who loves floral designs in their home interior. We even have two different design choices for this wallpaper. Wallpaper used for bedroom interior design is Grey Peony Removable wallpaper however wallpaper used for laundry room interior design is Classic Grey Peonies Removable Wallpaper. Can you spot the difference?

Master bedroom remodel with grey peony removable wallpaper designLaundry room makeover with classic grey peonies removable wallpaper

5. Light Green Botanical Foliage Removable Wallpaper

Our absolute favourite and one of the most versatile wallpaper designs yet, the Botanical Foliage Removable Wallpaper. From baby nurseries, to fancy dinning room, walk in closets and even bathrooms - this botanical wallpaper design is giving this chic yet very simple look to every room in the house.

Dinning room style ideas featuring light green botanical foliage removable wallpaper designBaby girl's room makeover ideas with botanical wallpaper designIf you have been following us for some time, you know that our wallpaper assortment is quite diverse and there are designs for every taste and preference and even for every room in the house. Make sure to look through our wallpaper collections to see even more beautiful and unique wallpaper designs like these. Leave a comment down bellow with your favourite wallpaper design.


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