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5 Easy Wallpaper DIY's To Tackle This Weekend

5 Easy Wallpaper DIY's To Tackle This Weekend
As we start to feel the warmth of Spring and see the nature blooming outside, giving us some more color in our everyday life, it is time to bring some of the outdoor color inside our home as well and make it more cheerful. If you have some leftover wallpaper from previous projects hanging around your home, or you just enjoy a beautiful, chic pattern to liven up a space or an item at your home, then this blog post will be just for you. Here will be 5 easy wallpaper DIY project ideas to tackle this weekend for that fresh pop of color and joyful eye-catching detail at your home.

Wallpaper Your Home Office Nook

Home office nook with removable wall mural

Being a small but very functional and important place in your home that requires comfort and space for motivation and creativity, you might want to give it a vibe that will feel welcoming and will inspire you. To separate a home office nook from the rest of the room and give it some personality, consider using removable wallpaper. As seen in the photo above Kris has done a beautiful job by separating her dedicated office space from the rest of the room and added a touch of fun to it by wallpapering her home office nook with the Line Art Removable Wall Mural. She has kept it minimalistic and yet eye-catching, creating a creative work atmosphere.


Wallpaper Your Dining Room Shelving

Delicate Dining room shelving with removable wallpaper

Open shelving in your dining room gives a perfect place to show off your favorite cookbooks, plants, some special ceramic plates, favorite glassware or anything else that you want to put on a stage for everyone to see. To turn your open shelves into a design feature, use some leftover removable wallpaper or samples to cover the back of the shelves to give it a new chic style and accent it in the room. In the photo above we can see how Hannah has given an eye-catching detail to the back of her dining room shelving by wallpapering it with the Delicate Floral Design Removable Wallpaper and still keeping it light and minimalistic in the trendy luxury light interior style.


Wallpaper Your Fridge

Tiny brush pattern removable wallpaper fridge design

Tired of that regular fridge look and looking to add some color and fun to it? Turn your fridge into a wow factor work of art by covering it with removable wallpaper. Wallpapering your fridge not only will give a completely new look to it, but will give a fresh style to your kitchen altogether. And the great thing is - you do not have to feel committed to the new upgraded fridge, as with removable wallpaper, you can easily choose to change it to another design later on without any permanent damage to the surface. In the photo above we can see the work of art kitchen makeover by Alexandra. She has done an Extreme DIY Small Kitchen Renovation On A Budget in her clients kitchen that includes wallpapering the fridge with the Tiny Brush Pattern Removable Wallpaper In Black making the space look brighter and more welcoming.


Wallpaper Your Kids Reading Nook

Kids reading nook removable wallpaper design

Your kids reading nook ideally will offer proper lighting, comfortable seating to relax and curl up with a good book. If you are looking to make it more fun and welcoming to your kid for a more often use, create an accent wall with removable wallpaper. This will add a stylish touch to it and will bring it to life for the sunny spring season. In the photo above Angela has given her kids reading nook a pop of color by creating an accent wall with the Brush Strokes Print Removable Wallpaper in custom color - roof, keeping it minimalistic, yet more fun. It is a great way to give the reading nook a different energy and make the space pop out more.


Wallpaper Your Kids Dollhouse Or Play Kitchen

Personalized kids doolhouse with removable wallpaper

Do you have some smaller pieces of wallpaper left from previous projects? Then this easy DIY kids doll house with removable wallpaper will be just the project for you this weekend. Create your child's dream doll house and make it one of a kind for her to grow up and remember the colors and patterns it had. As seen in the photo above Tayler has given her kids dollhouse a splash of originality by wallpapering parts of the back of it with the Delicate Floral Design Removable WallpaperSubtle Floral Removable Wallpaper and the Wildflower Foliage Removable Wallpaper For Kids Room, giving it a floral, feminine, interesting and bright design.

We hope these 5 easy DIY projects with removable wallpaper will give you some inspiration and ideas for a project of your own to tackle this weekend and bring some new, fresh spring vibes in your home. 

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